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Feds pouring Muslim migrants into Rand Paul's hometown

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.
The same resettlement agency that is funneling Syrian Muslims into Sen. Bernie Sanders’ state of Vermont and also into Nevada is now delivering them to Sen. Rand Paul’s hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky.
WND reported last week on the plans to seed the small town of Rutland, Vermont, with 100 Syrian Muslims while another 75 are being sent to Reno, Nevada, and dozens more in Missoula, Montana. WND has previously reported on plans to bring up to 5,000 Syrians to Michigan and hundreds more to Idaho.
The feds have been scouting for new places to bring the Syrians including in northwest Arkansas and in Ithaca, New York.
Now the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, or USCRI – the same volunteer agency that is working in Rutland and Reno – has called a surprise meeting for 5 p.m. Friday to announce plans to bring 40 Syrians to Bowling Green, Kentucky, in October.
“That’s very little notice for a public meeting to be held on a Friday evening,” said Ann Corcoran, who follows the refugee movement at Refugee Resettlement Watch.
Bowling Green: From no Muslims to 10% Muslim 15 years
Bowling Green is not new to Muslim refugees. The city has been transformed over the past decade from a typical Middle America town that had no Muslims to one that now has more than 7,000 who account for at least 10 percent of the city’s population. It had no mosques 15 years ago and now has several including a large Islamic Center. The Islamic refugees have come from 23 countries, mostly from Bosnia, Russia, Burma, Iraq and now Syria.
“They’ve had the same federal contractor, USCRI, in Bowling Green for a long time,” Corcoran added. “We have a large archive on Bowling Green because they have had many problems there over the years with Iraqi refugees. Now Syrian Muslims will join the Iraqi Muslims in Rand Paul-land.”
Paul’s office told WND he is not in favor of the Syrian refugee dumps in Kentucky or anywhere else under the current vetting process being used by President Obama.
“Senator Paul believes we must pass the SECURE Act,” said Sergio Gor, the senator’s press secretary. “This legislation would suspend visa issuance for countries with a high risk of terrorism and impose a waiting period for background checks on visa issuance from other countries until the American people can be assured terrorists cannot enter the country through our immigration and visa system.”
Paul was much more outspoken against refugee resettlement three years ago, before he contemplated a run for president.
Paul softens his stance
In a June 2013 article in the Huffington Post, the senator said the U.S. should be skeptical of accepting refugees, from the Mideast in particular, because they take welfare and could plan attacks on American soil.
“We have had refugees attack us here. Ninety-five (percent) of our 70,000 Iraqi refugees are on food stamps, majority are in government housing, 46 percent are unemployed,” he said. “It’s one thing to have a big heart and invite people to our country, and if you do it in a small fashion, the churches and the people take care of them; that’s one thing. But like in my town in particular, they bring ’em in and there is someone whose job and expertise is to sign them up for welfare as soon as they get here.”
Since he decided to run for president, he has been much more guarded in the substance and tone of his comments about refugees.
Pamela Geller wrote the book on how to prevent creeping Shariah from entering your community in “Stop the Islamization of America.”
It was just last year that Americans learned a terrorist, Tashfeen Malik, had entered the U.S. from Saudi Arabia not as a refugee but on a fiancĂ©e visa. She, along with her husband, Syed Farook, killed 14 people at an office Christmas party in San Bernardino. And two of the jihadists who pulled off the bloody attack on Paris that killed 130 people in November 2015 had entered Europe as “refugees” carrying Syrian passports.
Head of resettlement agency paid salary of $289,192
The Syrians are being brought to Bowling Green by USCRI, a nonprofit headed by Lavinia Limon, the former head of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement under Bill Clinton. Limon made the transition from government bureaucrat to government contractor at USCRI, where she now earns an annual salary of $289,192, according to USCRI’s 2013 IRS form 990. She also managed to get a relative, Peter Limon, a plum job at the nonprofit, which pays him $139,869.
USCRI, like the other eight volunteer agencies, gets paid nearly $2,000 in federal grant money for every refugee it brings to America.
Bowling Green has a troublesome history with Muslim refugees. Two Iraqi nationals who were resettled as refugees in the city in 2009 were caught in 2013 sending military supplies and other material support to al-Qaida in Iraq. They were eventually convicted and are serving long prison terms.
President Obama is in the midst of a “surge” in Syrian refugee resettlement, seeking to fulfill his promise to the United Nations that he will admit 10,000 Syrians into the U.S. by the end of the current fiscal year on Sept. 30. To reach that goal, he will need to bring in an average of 358 Syrians per week.
And the pipeline from Syria to the U.S. will continue even into the next fiscal year, officials with the State Department have said.
More than 97 percent of the Syrians resettled in the U.S. since the start of the Syrian civil war have been Sunni Muslim. Only 1 percent have been Christian, and of the 499 Syrians who have entered the U.S. since the “surge” began last month, not a single one has been Christian.
Christians are the most persecuted of all religious groups in Syria, hunted down and killed by the Islamic State, al-Nusra Front and other Sunni groups, but the administration has shown zero interest in offering them a safe haven in the United States.
Trump blasts Hillary on refugee stance
Hillary Clinton has promised to go even further with the resettlement of Syrian Muslim refugees selected by the United Nations.
Clinton wants to increase Syrian refugees from 10,000 to 65,000, an increase of over 500 percent. Donald Trump blasted her earlier this week saying she could not claim to care about women and women’s rights while advocating for a radical increase in Syrian immigration. Most Muslims coming from Syria are Shariah-compliant, meaning their women wear the veil in public and their husbands are allowed to beat them for disobedience in accordance with the teachings of Muhammad in the Quran (see Sura 4:34).
The Bowling Green International Center plans to help resettle refugees as a subcontractor working under USCRI. They will initially bring a group of 40 from Syria in October, according to the Bowling Green Daily News.
“A plan to accept Syrian refugees in Bowling Green is raising concerns,” the newspaper reported. “In response, the organizations involved have scheduled a town hall to address any questions.”
Bowling Green residents will be told vetting is airtight
International Center Director Albert Mbanfu told the local newspaper he hopes to address concerns about the screening process and explain how these refugees come to the United States.
“My objective is that people will leave this town hall with a sound knowledge on how refugee resettlement works,” he said.
Mbanfu said the federal government would never put the country at risk of potential terrorist infiltrators.
City Commissioner Melinda Hill is the only elected leader who has voiced concerns, calling the resettlement risky.
“This is not against the people,” Hill said. “Our federal government has not put in place a good vetting process.”
Mayor Bruce Wilkerson and City Commissioner Joe Denning declined to comment, citing “unfamiliarity with the topic,” the Daily News reported.
Another city commissioner, Sue Parrigin, said she sees refugees as a way for employers to fill jobs as the baby boomers grow old and exit the workforce, leaving a dearth of workers in the younger generations that have had smaller families. This is the exact same argument that European governments have given as to why they have imported so many Muslim migrants over the decades.
“This is for the community to come out,” Parrigin said. “The community deserves to come out and be heard.”
Of course, members of the community will be allowed to air their concerns, but none of their concerns will be addressed. As the government has shown in other cities, like Missoula and Rutland, these town-hall meetings are for show only. President Obama has said he will continue importing Sunni Muslims from the jihadist hotbed of Syria regardless of whether state or local leaders oppose him on the issue.
Town-hall meetings were also held in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in Twin Falls, Idaho, and in Helena, Montana, and scores of other cities. In all of these places where citizens voiced concerns, the numbers were initially downplayed only to be adjusted upward later.
For example, volunteer agency World Relief told residents of Spartanburg they would get less than 60 refugees and most of them would be from Africa, not Syria. Now, that story has changed and the Spartanburg area has been targeted for 120 refugees, most of whom will be from Syria.
But citizens can and should attend such meetings and demand as much information as possible, says Corcoran. They should also must demand to see the R&P Abstract prepared by the federal contractor agency.
Despite what Mbanfu says, WND has reported numerous times that the government has imported terrorists, through the refugee program and other immigration programs, and Mbanfu need not look past his own hometown for proof. “Lax background checks were to blame” for the two Iraqi refugee terrorists infiltrating Kentucky in 2009, ABC News reported.
But these are the kind of outright lies and omissions the resettlement agencies tell concerned citizens at their town-hall meetings.
If the U.S. had trouble vetting refugees from Iraq, where it had occupied the country and had access to all law enforcement and intelligence records, how can it vet people claiming to be fleeing Syria?
FBI Director James Comey admitted last year before Congress that vetting Syrians is impossible. The president and his State Department have focused instead on the humanitarian aspect of helping widows and orphans.
But concerns include more than just terrorism. There’s also the issue of cost. Refugees, unlike most other immigrants, qualify for a full slate of welfare benefits on day one of their arrival. Those age 65 and over immediately receive Social Security benefits and 91 percent of refugees from the Middle East receive food stamps, according to the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement.
Congress approved Obama’s $1.1 trillion omnibus spending package in December, and it fully funded the president’s expanded refugee program, which will spend about $1.2 billion to resettle 85,000 foreign refugees from all countries in fiscal 2016. Another 100,000 are slated for arrival in 2017. That figure — $1.2 billion — does not include the cost of welfare benefits nor does it include the cost of educating refugee children.


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Texas will not back down from this fight.

Texas will not back down from this fight.

President Obama has continually trampled on the Constitution, and his latest executive action is another example of his disregard for the rule of law. 

We’re fighting back. 
Will you join us in this fight to uphold the Constitution?

I already told President Obama that Texas would reject his lawless decree and now Texas is taking the fight to him.  Texas is suing President Obama and his administration over his bathroom mandate.

President Obama is not king. He cannot rewrite the Constitution.

But as we begin this fight, we know there is an even greater danger around the corner, Hillary Clinton. 
It’s clear that Hillary Clinton would be even worse than Barack Obama as president.  Texas and the nation cannot afford to let her win.

Will you help us with a contribution to our Conservative Victory Fund to keep Texas red?

This election must not be taken for granted.  We must elect conservative leaders who will defend the Constitution, and fight against executive actions from an overbearing federal government.

All down ballot races are just as important as the Presidential race, and we need our statewide field operation to stay strong through November ensure Texas stays red.

The future of our nation will be decided in November.  Can we count on you to help?

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Out-of-state liberals are trying to turn Texas blue, fighting against our values.  Will you contribute to our Conservative Victory Fund today?

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Long Range Shooting 101: Top 5 Rifles and Calibers for Survivalists

Long Range Shooting 101: Top 5 Rifles and Calibers for Survivalists

The art of shooting long distances engages a different set of skills and techniques than tactical, cowboy-action, or skeet shooting. Some may say long distance shooting is golf, whereas tactical shooting is basketball.
Repetition, attention to detail, and the proper equipment can make an enormous difference when it comes to long distance accuracy. And, of course, these are just preparations you make to offset all the less-than-ideal conditions that you’ll almost certainly be dealing with in any real-world scenario.
Back to the Fundamentals
The key to performing nearly anything requiring precision under pressure is, to oversimplify a bit, practice. To be more specific, we have to fall back on an old football coach’s favorite saying. “Practice doesn’t make perfect,” he was fond of saying, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”
The key here is to realize that target shooting is never really just shooting at a target; it’s also training. The level of focus, patience, and expectations you bring to shooting at paper targets will inevitably impact how well you shoot in competition, hunting, etc.

An old marine once explained why he was able to shoot 1-inch groups consistently at 100-yards while the rest of us were satisfied with 4-inch groups. He explained that back in the time of his basic training, Marines were made to dry fire their rifles a minimum of 1,000 times before they were allowed the privilege of live ammo.
To date, it sticks out as the most important and instructive thing we’ve heard regarding shooting accuracy. Consider how much time, not to mention mental energy, it would require to practice your aim, breathing, and trigger pull a thousand times with no live ammo. It’s a great exercise, when you think of it. With no anticipation or recoil, you can practice perfectly, building all the right habits, techniques, and muscle memory.

But for goodness sakes, how damned boring would that be?
To tell the truth, the amount of time and effort it takes to become a truly excellent marksman is daunting. This is why you can’t afford to waste any time with improper training and the wrong tools.
On the other hand, we have much better tools at our disposal than the Korean War era Marine who was such a good shot. Since you probably don’t have the time or patience to dry fire thousands of times before you start plinking, you’re going to want to use these superior tools.

Remington 700 VTR

The “VTR” in this version of Remington’s venerable Model 700 stands for “Varmint Tactical Rifle.” Why would someone hunting varmints even need to get very tactical? It’s not like a gray fox is going to return fire or anything.
Either way, you’ll notice that there’s a strong link between rifles designed for precision shooting and those designed for varmint hunting. In the off-the-shelf market, they’re one in the same.
The 700 VTR comes chambered in both .260 Remington and .308 Winchester, both excellent rounds for shooting at long distances, as we’ve already established.
Other perks offered by the 700 VTR are Remington’s X-Mark externally adjustable trigger, the “Super Cell” recoil pad, a contoured 22” barrel, a picatinny rail system, and a tactical barrel with muzzle breaks.
While it’s not exactly “cheap” by most standards, it does have all of the upgrades in one nice and tidy package. Upgrading all of these pieces individually would make this a $2,000 custom rifle, and you still wouldn’t have a scope on it.
RETAIL: $789

Ruger Hawkeye Varmint Target Rifle

With a laminated stock, this “Varmint Target” rifle just looks like a piece of precision equipment, capable of sharpshooting excellence, which it is.
If you’re already a fan of the Strum and Ruger rifle catalog, you’ll recognize the familiar integral scope mounts, which are basically just indentions machined into the top of the receiver. There’s nothing new about the scope mounts, but this is still a feature worth pointing out.
The heavy contour barrel has ben cold hammer-forged and, most importantly, features “ultra-precise” rifling that delivers better accuracy and easier cleaning. The Hawkeye Varmint Target also features Ruger’s 2-stage trigger, consisting of a “take up” stage, followed by a crisp tension stage.
Chambered in .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor, this is a finely tuned piece of target drilling machinery. However, it doesn’t quite have all the bells and whistles offered by the Remington 700 VTR,
RETAIL: $909 

Savage 12-BVSS

For many years, Savage has built quite a business around rifles that cater to the target and varmint-hunting niche. Bull barrels, aggressive styling, and tactical stocks are nothing new for this manufacturer. Savage was doing this before it become cool.
One of Savage’s greatest “claims to fame” when it comes to long distance shooting is its famous AccuTrigger. Developed by Savage Arms in 2002, lots of competitive shooters swear by this trigger system and its user-friendly design.
Every shooter has his preference in terms of pull weight, creep, and over-travel. The AccuTrigger’s core promise is that shooters can customize their trigger to suit their shooting style.
The 12-BVVS comes outfitted with a heavy stainless steel barrel, which is fluted, no less. It’s available in .22-250 Rem, .223 Rem, and .308 Win, quite the donut hole in terms of calibers, but it makes sense when you consider that varmint hunters (the official target market for this rifle) will prefer the smaller calibers, while long-range shooters will opt for the .308 Win.
RETAIL: $1,039

Howa Classic Heavybarrel Varminter

Howa was a Japanese industrial machinery company that got involved in firearms manufacturing during WWII. Since then, they’ve become a mainstay for civilian shooters by specializing in heavy barreled hunting rifles that are known for quality, accuracy, and being easy on the wallet. You might think of them as the Honda of rifles.
With it’s heavy barrel construction, laminated stock with cooling vents and a raised cheek rest, and 2-stage match trigger, the M1500 has been recognized by many as a natural sniper rifle. In fact, the Japanese Nation Police Agency adopted the “Varminter” as its official sniper rifle. It’s also reportedly used by Ukraine’s Special Forces.
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The rifle itself is pretty plain Jane, which is kind of the beauty of it. Its laminated stock offers some head turning flair, as well as utility. The short action, magazine conversion capabilities, and heavy barrel configurations (stainless or blue) are nice features. The rifle also comes chambered in two of our favorite calibers, .243 Win and .308 Win.
RETAIL: $650

Tikka T3x TAC

Did we save the best for last? Lots of fanboys of this Finnish rifle manufacturer think so. Regardless, it’s very hard to argue that this rifle, which being a bit more expensive than others on this list, won’t at least make you feel like you’re shooting a helluva lot better.
To be fair, Tikka does offer other variations on the T3x that are under $1,000, but this one is certainly the most well-appointed version for driving tacks at 800 yards.
The tuned accuracy, heavy barrel, and smooth action are standard fare when it comes to Tikka. The adjustable check rest, fancy recoil pad, integrated picatinny rail, and 5/6 round magazine are what really set this rifle apart from the pack. The T3x is available in .223 Rem, .300 Win Mag, and .308 Win.
RETAIL: $1,550

Bang for Your Buck: Top 5 Long Range Calibers

sniperingrassFor such a high-end and specialized hobby, you’d be surprised by how much agreement there is about the “best” rounds for long-distance shooting. That is, if money is no object. And of course it is.
That’s why we’ve configured our list around calibers that are excellent for distance shooting but also useful for hunting and/or widely available. This is why you won’t see the .338 Lapua, .50 BMG, or the .416 Barret on this list.
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There are lots of excellent choices that are nearly always available at your local sporting goods store. And for our money, at least, we feel confident that our shooting skills will be the greatest limiting factor, not the size or diameter of our ammunition.

.308 Winchester

308winFirst things first, the .308 is by far the most popular sniper round. Despite the constant emergence of “new and improved” 30-caliber rounds, they will always be measured against the .308 Winchester.
The fact is, it’s very hard to improve on this cartridge. The ballistics profile of this round hits the sweet spot, traveling long distances with accuracy and consistency, and it even behaves predictably in the wind.
There are hotter and heavier rounds out there. Certainly, there are trendier ones. The generations of military field-testing behind the .308 makes it unique. The US Army caps the recommended range of the .308 at 1,000 meters.
You could certainly hit a target at over that maximum reliably with the .308, however, if you were so inclined.

7mm Remington Magnum

7mmremmagAlthough this cartridge recently celebrated its 50th birthday, it’s only gotten better with age (and technological improvements). Because of its excellent reputation, the selection of .284 bullets out there is massive.
The amount of power behind the .284 projectile is impressive as well, pushing the 160-grain version at over 3,000 fps. According to Sniper Central, the 7mm is recommended for military applications out to 1,000 yards. However, its history as a sniper round is primarily within the US Secret Service, not the military.
The combination of velocity and knockdown power has made the 7mm Rem-Mag one of the most popular rounds for big game hunters. The “7 Mag” offers advantages over the .308 at distances, but it is often overshadowed by the bigger .300 Win Mag (including in the recoil department).
Just like with the .300 Win Mag, the popularity of the 7mm Mag is its own benefit. It’s widely available in a wide range of configurations.

.300 Winchester Magnum

300winmagWhen it comes to long-range calibers, the keys are speed and mass. The 300 Win Mag has plenty of both, one of the primary reasons that the US Army has made a push to adopt it in recent years.
This popular hunting cartridge can fling a 150-grain bullet at 3,200 fps, which, as you can imagine, creates quite a bit of momentum and a predictable flight path. Given its raw power, it creates significant recoil, which can be managed by a muzzle break and proper technique.
This round is also widely available at sporting goods stores, with lots of selection to choose from. Reloading is certainly not necessary with the .300 Win Mag. If you do decide you want a very specific set of specs, you can most likely find what you’re looking for from one of the trusted ammo brands.

.30-06 Springfield

30-06If you’re looking for bang for your buck, look no further than the .30-06 Springfield. This round served as the primary sniper round for the US from WWI through the first half of Vietnam, when the Army and USMC decided to jointly adopt the .308 as their standard.
Don’t let that be the reason you overlook this round because many shooters do. It’s inexpensive and available virtually everywhere ammo is sold. Not to mention, many factory made long-range rifles are chambered in .30-06.
The .30-06 can launch a 175-grain bullet at over 2600fps, and many shooters would argue that it has better long-range ballistics than the .308. To top it all off, the recoil from this round isn’t nearly as punishing as the .300 Win Mag.

.243 Winchester

For shooters who want long distance capability without the notorious recoil of the 30-calibers (which really should be most of us), there are plenty of smaller calibers that are capable of hitting at 1,000 yards. Plus, it wouldn’t be right to overlook all the great 6mm and 6.5mm cartridges out there.
The trouble is, of course, deciding which one to include. Should we go with the .260 Remington or the 6.5 Creedmoor? Both are excellent rounds, and both are considered to have stellar long-range ballistics.
A simple search on the Cabela’s website for ammo was the tie-breaker we needed: Both failed.
As we’ve already discussed, the affordability and availability of ammunition are two of our most important qualifications. While there are literally dozens of manufacturers producing the .243 Win, only a couple were supplying the .260 Remington or 6.5 Creedmoor at scale.
Then we read an interview with champion tactical shooter George Gardner. When asked why he selected the 243 Win for his competition rifle, Gardner answered, “Why would I run anything else? Think about it. I’m sending a .585 BC 115 at 3150 fps–that’ll shoot inside the 6XC and .260 Rem with ease. I’m pretty sure I have found the Holy Grail of Comp Rifles.”
The .243 uses the same brass as the trusty .308 Winchester, necked down to a 6mm bullet. That gives you the advantage of being able to use .308 magazines interchangeably. There are also a multitude of match grade bullets available, similar to the 30-cals we’ve listed.
The .243 Winchester fires a very fast bullet with a very flat trajectory. The bullet is smaller and lighter, but so is the recoil. If you are into reloading, many shooters prefer the Ackley Improved shell, which can launch a bullet at an impressive 3300fps.
If it seems like we’re trying hard to sell the merits of the 6mm category, it’s because we really are. Despite the popular notion that heavier bullets make better long-distance cartridges, that really depends on your definition of “long-distance.”
If your definition ranges from 400-800 yards, then any of the calibers we’ve listed are more than capable. If you just can’t stand the thought of being limited to 1,000-yard shots, then the .300 Win Mag is probably your best bet

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Texas judge orders DOJ lawyers to take ethics course

(CNN)The federal judge who sided with Texas and 25 other states to block President Barack Obama's controversial immigration programs back in 2015 issued a scathing order on Thursday reprimanding Justice Department lawyers for their behavior in the case.
In an unusual opinion, replete with a reference to "Miracle on 34th Street," Judge Andrew Hanen of the US. District Court for the Southern District of Texas ordered that certain DOJ lawyers attend ethics courses.
Thursday's order does not impact the executive actions, which Hanen previously blocked. The Supreme Court heard arguments on the actions earlier this year and is expected to issue a ruling on the merits by the end of June.
The controversy arose when the government acknowledged early in the litigation that it had made mistakes as to representing when the government would begin implementing one of the programs.
Hanen said that both he and opposing counsel were assured that the government would not start implementing an expansion of a program called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals until February 18, 2015.
The judge relied upon that date when he enjoined the program effective February 16.
In actuality, the government implemented a part of the program before February and granted over 100,000 applications.
Hanen said that after reading the government briefs on the issue he determined that" Justice Department lawyers knew the true facts and misrepresented those facts."
"Such conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose names includes the word 'Justice'" Hanen wrote in the 28-page order that also includes dialogue from the movie "Bridge of Spies." "Suffice it to say, the citizens of all fifty states, their counsel, the affected aliens and the judiciary all deserve better."
"An attorney owes a duty of candor and honesty to the court, and at the very least a duty not to misrepresent the facts to a judge or opposing counsel," he wrote.
"The department strongly disagrees with the order" Justice Department spokesman Patrick Rodenbush said.
In his order Hanen also requested that the government provide him with the names, under seal, of the individuals in each of the plaintiff states who were granted benefits during the time in which the attorneys for the Justice Department "promised that no benefits were being conferred."
"This is the latest of a long line of outrageous, outsized orders from this court, all of which inflict real, lasting harm on Dreamers and families," said Karen Tumlin, Legal Director of the National Immigration Law Center." We urge the Department of Justice to take all necessary steps to protect Dreamers and their families in light of this latest order," she said.
Near the end of the opinion he excerpted a portion of the film "Miracle on 34th Street" when a young Tommy Mara Jr. says 'Gosh, everybody knows you shouldn't tell a lie, especially in court.'
"There are certain attorneys in the Justice Department who apparently have not received that message," Hanen said.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Montana Disabled Veteran Convicted Over Stock Pond

What? Did you say your blood is not boiling yet? Then read this shocker by Redoubt News

Montana Disabled Veteran Convicted Over Stock Pond

May 13, 2016  *  By Shari Dovale

Montana Veteran Convicted Over Pond
… Here We Go Again!

Please give the Redoubt News some clicks by reading this article at their website. Thank You!
You might remember that Andy Johnson, the rancher from Wyoming, just won his case this week against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
That battle concerned their environmentally friendly stock pond on their private property. The EPA demanded that he remove the pond and threatened him with fines of $37,500 per day if he did not comply. The case was settled this week and the Johnson Family are happy.
He is not the only citizen that the EPA has targeted. More cases are coming to light on the extreme overreach of this organization.
Joe Robertson w Shasha May 2016Disabled Navy veteran Joseph Robertson, 77, of Basin, Montana, and his wife, Carri, own about 200 acres of beautiful Montana mountain land. They homestead the White Pine Lode patented mining claim that he owns, and live “green” as Robertson is quick to explain. “I’ve worked over 30 years for mining corporations and I know what contamination is.”
They lease a portion of it to the Helena Veteran’s Support group. They offer camping, hiking and more to veterans and their families. “There is a great veteran support group here,” Robertson tells Redoubt News.
They, also, own a large Freight-liner water tender that they loan to the volunteer fire department, and share with their neighbors. Additionally, they have an outfitted fire truck, including foam, hose reels, etc. that they use with the volunteer fire department.
They love their community and are active in helping, and sharing with, their neighbors.
Due to multiple fires in the area over the past several years, Robertson has maintained and improved his property by building stock ponds for his animals and fire prevention for his and the neighbor properties.
But, he has also scrapped with the government, by way of the Forest Service and the EPA, for years. The harassment by the government began over a decade ago, complaining that he was not allowed to repair the road that leads to his private property. This came to a head in 2013 when they charged this disabled veteran for violation of the Clean Water Act.
The government contends that nine stock ponds affect approximately one-tenth (1/10) of an acre of discharged pollutants into the Jefferson River, nearly 60 miles away.
Photo courtesy Carri Robettson
Photo courtesy Carri Robettson
The first trial was held last year and ended in a hung jury. It would probably have concluded in favor of Mr. Robertson had the federal defender presented all of the evidence. Yet, the defense, Michael Donahoe, refused to call any expert witnesses.
The Director of Veterans Affairs for Senator Steve Daines, Denny Lenoir, was in the courtroom during the trial. Donahoe seemed upset when Robertson would consult with Lenoir. “Why are you making this political?” he complained.
Donahoe’s group had paid for, and received, an environmental impact report detailing how Robertson did NOT violate the law, yet he treated it as if it was not accurate. This report outlines the fact that there is no stream from the Robertson pond to any tributary. Donahoe’s response was that the EPA was the expert testimony, and he would rely on their report.
Donahoe has a good bio with criminal defense. Why would he choose not to use his own expert witness, and report? He chose instead to claim the EPA was the only expert testimony needed in this case.
There is a second, nearly identical report, completed by Kagel Environmental, LLC, included here. Documented by Ray Kagel, a former federal regulator, he shows that Robertson actually improved the land and could not have contaminated any US waters.
The report outlines that the alleged wetlands “is not waters of the U.S.” and it is virtually impossible for them have a “significant effect on the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the Jefferson River.”
Kagel spoke with Robertson’s public defender, offering to testify on Robertson’s behalf. Donahoe declined the offer and stated he did not wish to use any expert testimony. Kagel completed the report, pro-bono, for the Robertson’s anyway. Thank you Ray Kagel!
Judge Donald W. Molloy retired in 2011. Molloy was the subject of a complaint letter by Robertson some years ago, so it is surprising that, knowing there is bad blood between them, he came out of retirement specifically to hear this case. However, seeing the way this case was handled, maybe it is not so surprising after all.
A week after the first trial ended in a hung jury, Donahoe asked the Robertsons to travel to his office in Helena. Upon the return to their home, they caught two EPA agents attempting to drain their pond, trying to make a stream flow a mile down the canyon to Cataract Creek. It was a blatant attempt to manufacture evidence to support the government case. The timing does seem suspect, as they do not travel off of their property often. It just so happened that they were called away, by their attorney, during this event.
When this information was brought to the attention of Judge Molloy, the Judge did not see a problem with this manufactured evidence. In fact, this ‘evidence’ was allowed at the second trial. Robertson tells me that even Judge Molloy questioned Donahoe as to why he was not objecting to this evidence being presented. Still, Donahoe did not object.
Robertson Water Tender Truck photo courtesy Carri Robertson
Robertson Water Tender Truck photo courtesy Carri Robertson
The second trial was completed last month. During the trial, Judge Molloy seemed upset that Robertson wanted his service dog with him. Robertson was required by his attorney to get documentation that authorized him to have the dog, Sasha, in the courtroom.
The second trial ended in a conviction for this 77 year old Navy veteran. He now faces prison and hundreds of thousands in fines. This will amount to life in prison and forfeiture of his property.
Mr. Robertson did not harm the environment, he actually improved it. However, the government did not control these actions, and therefore, seems intent on sending that message. Robertson, who served his country honorably, including tours in Vietnam, faces losing everything he built over his lifetime.
Robertson could now be sentenced up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. It would appear that their Federal Public Defender showed that he knows who he really works for, and it was not for Mr. Robertson. His oath to defend Robertson seemed not as strong as the oath to defend the government. In accordance with this stance, there currently is no appeal expected.
Sentencing is scheduled for July 20, 2016.
“This verdict sends a message that the United States will not stand by and allow streams and wetlands of the United States to be polluted, or National Forest lands to be injured,” said United States Attorney for the District of Montana Mike Cotter.
“Today’s guilty verdict demonstrates that polluters will be held accountable for their actions.” said Jeffrey Martinez, Special Agent in Charge of EPA’s criminal enforcement program in Montana.
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Texas governor: Obama turning 'Constitution on its head' with transgender bathroom guidance

Texas governor: Obama turning 'Constitution on its head' with transgender bathroom guidance

Story highlights

  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said President Obama is overreaching
  • The White House directed schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity
Washington (CNN)Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday that the White House guidance on transgender bathrooms in schools is unconstitutional and the latest example of executive overreach.
"Understand this, there's only one body of the three branches of government that can write the law and that is Congress," Abbott said on Fox News' "Fox and Friends." "We have a president who decided, well, if Congress is not going to pass the law, he's going to impose the law. And so the President is turning the Constitution on its head."
Abbott charged that Obama is making executive decisions because he's in the "waning months" of his presidency.
"He's trying to cram down as many parts of his liberal agenda on the United States of America as he possibly can," Abbott said.
Abbott also said Hillary Clinton is nothing more than an "extension of the Obama agenda, if not worse."
In an earlier interview Monday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Abbott said he will support the Republican nominee for president, who he expects will be Donald Trump.
"We do have a choice, it's not like 'none of the above' is a potential option," he said. "Texans will robustly come out and support a campaign against Hillary Clinton ... Donald Trump is going to win the state of Texas."
Abbott's comments on the transgender bathroom issue come after the White House issued guidance last week directing public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching how they self-identify their gender. If schools don't follow the guidance, they risk the loss of federal funding.
The White House is in a heated legal standoff with North Carolina over its controversial House Bill 2, part of which has to do with transgender bathroom access.
CNN reached out to the Obama administration for comment on Abbott's remarks Monday. On Friday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest defended the guidance, saying it came after the "extensive requests for guidance and for information and advice that have been put forward by school administrators and teachers."
"It is my strongly held belief -- and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be right about this -- that the vast majority of schools and school districts and school administrators across the country will welcome this guidance and will implement it," Earnest said when asked about Republican opposition to the guidance. "For those that don't, there's an established process for them to raise any concerns that they may have."