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Armalite AR-10 PRC in .260

 Armalite AR-10 PRC in .260—Full Review.

The PRC 260 from Armalite delivers a high-end precision rifle in .260 Rem. ready for effective suppressor use.
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My introduction to the .260 Remington occurred about five years ago during a hog hunt with my friend from Mike’s Guns in Texas. Meeting up at his shop prior to the hunt, he let me spend some time with an AR-10 he built in .260 Remington. Using his rifles in .308 provided a solid comparison, and the .260 Remington was impressive. Especially when suppressed, it was softer shooting then some of my 5.56mm ARs.  Trimming the gas a bit made it reliable, quiet, clean, and incredibly accurate.  Testing a bolt rifle of his in the same round a bit later, the accuracy potential of the round became clear. Using some of his handloads, I produced several groups in the 0.20 inch range. But therein lay the problem; the need to reload. Factory match ammunition was all but non-existent at the time. Black Hills Ammunition loaded some in their premium line, but that was about it. Since reloading was not in the cards for me at the time, it was not something I pursued.

The rifle proved to be as capable with a suppressor as it did without, being reliable and accurate.
It was the introduction of the 6.5 Creedmoor and its surge in popularity amongst the precision competition crowd that brought the 6.5mm back onto my radar. Factory ammunition becoming available the 6.5mm all but eliminated the .308 rifle from my precision rifle inventory. It shoots flatter, softer, more precisely, and reaches out to much longer range. With a wide selection of factory match ammunition available for the Creedmoor it was becoming a favorite of many precision shooters unwilling or unable to reload. While the .260 Remington remained popular amongst reloaders and hunters, factory match ammunition remained scarce.  However, the .260 Remington was making huge inroads in the military, at least at the operational level.  Talking to Special Missions Unit members, they swear by the .260 Remington and have been requesting rifles for years. While it likely will not make a big splash on the main stage, at the smaller unit level they are starting to creep in. All of this combined has finally sparked a surge in precision rifles and factory match ammunition for the .260 Remington. Cost is still higher for .260 Match, but there are several commercial loads now available.

The author topped the 20-inch barrel off with an AWC Thor PSR suppressor.

ARs Chambered in .260 Remington

As evidenced by my early experience with an AR-10 in .260 Remington, it can be done. Most early rifles were custom built with a few factory rifles popping up on occasion. A few seemed to think it was harder to build an AR-10 in this caliber, but others never seemed to have the same issues, including Mike Brown of Mike’s Guns, or me.  Having assembled a few over the last couple years they were easier to tune than similar .308 models in my experience. In an industry chock full of mythology, it was dismissed in my case. More often than not they are excuses to “not” do something. It was only a matter of time before demand outstripped any problems (real or otherwise)  limiting rifle availability. Much of the demand was for an AR-10 that would work suppressed though, and that is problematic unless tuned solely for suppressed use. What we really needed was a rifle with a “shortish” barrel that allowed for use suppressed and unsuppressed without requiring re-tuning. It has been tried in the past with moderate success but it looks like Armalite has now taken that idea to a whole new level with the AR-10 PRC in .260 Rem.

The adjustable gas block sits underneath the hand guard. Note the short rail sections for accessories.


  • Chambering: .260 Rem.
  • Barrel: 20 inches
  • OA Length: 41.3 inches
  • Weight: 11.4 pounds
  • Stock: Magpul PRS
  • Sights: None
  • Action: DGIS
  • Finish: Dark brown Cerakote
  • Capacity: Variable
  • MSRP: $3,560

Armalite AR-10 PRC 260

Armalite designed this rifle from the ground up to be a precision semi-automatic rifle. It’s not just a standard rifle with a precision barrel and chamber. Along with a match quality 20-inch stainless steel barrel, it includes a new gas block allowing for reliable transition between suppressed and unsuppressed fire. Working together with Surgeon Rifles and AWC Silencers, the AR-10 PRC 260 is a well-integrated purpose-built rifle designed with some serious thought.
The rifle I received for testing was a very early production model and the company asked me to give them feedback on it. It starts with Armalite upper and lower receivers forged from 7075-T6 aluminum. The upper includes a forward assist, dust cover, and brass deflector. It houses a coated bolt carrier group using an AXTS  Raptor Ambidextrous Charging handle. The barrel is 20 inches, heavy contour, stainless steel, and includes a Surgeon/AWC PSR thread-on muzzle break designed for the .260 Remington. It operates as a standalone break or an AWC Silencers THOR PSR can be added.  Using a 1:7 twist rate better stabilizes bullets at distance given the relatively short barrel length. A proprietary gas block with a two position lever runs the rifle-length gas system. It is optimized for use with the PSR suppressor and can be accessed through the 15-inch hand guard without tools.  Short rails sit at the front and back of the hand guard with a continuous top rail. Slimmer in the middle, it shaves weight and provides for comfortable hand holds. Threaded holes sit at the front of each short forward rail for sling stud use.

The rifle features a Cerakote dark brown finish that keeps it very low profile. Note the ambidextrous safety.
Armalite uses a “B” series lower receiver that accepts SR25-patterned magazines. It has a Magpul PRS stock attached using a rifle length buffer and spring. It houses a Timney single stage trigger using an AXTS Talon ambidextrous safety. The pistol grip is a Magpul MIAD. Sling loops sit on the right side of the PRS stock but can be moved to the other side if needed. Production rifles will be shipped with one 10-round PMAG.


Burris Optics provided a new  XTR II 5-25x 50mm FFP (First Focal Plane) scope for testing.  Utilizing their SCR Mil Lined reticle provides ample lines for holding elevation or wind. It was mounted in a Larue Tactical PSR20 mount. Clarity on the glass is excellent and the reticle is comparable to any simple Mil lined reticle on the market. The vertical line has 20 mils graduated in half mil increments below the horizontal line. There are 5 mils above with the last two graduated in .10 mils. Extending on either side are 10 mils graduated in .2 of a mile for the first five where another .10 mils section sits for ranging calculation. The center section is lighted for 3 mils on either side and 6 mils below the center line. Dialed up to 15 power there were 11 mils available for holds with the entire horizontal line visible. Knobs are tactile with audible clicks at .10 mils per click and 10 mils per revolution. Numbers are easy to read. The XTR uses a zero stop that is easily adjusted. Loosen the screws, slip the knobs to zero and press firmly and re-tighten. Parallax adjustment sits on the right along with lighted reticle activation. There are 11 settings with “battery saver” steps in between each setting and a hard “off” setting at both ends. Scope covers that flip flat against the scope when open are included.

Burris Optics provided a new XTR II 5-25x 50mm FFP (First Focal Plane) for testing.
Since this rifle was designed to be used both suppressed and unsuppressed, my AWC Thor PSR suppressor was used. Designed to meet the original PSR contract it is a Titanium suppressor designed for multiple calibers up to and including .338 Lapua Magnum. Threading over the muzzle brake it means no shift in impact when removed and reinstalled.  It’s also very quiet and as rugged as it gets.

Tuning Your AR

With my having tested hundreds of ARs over the years, I have found that the vast majority are over-gassed. It’s required to allow base line customers the ability to use whatever ammunition they can find (often of very poor quality) and still have it run.  The problem being is that when precision match ammunition is used, often loaded to higher velocities, these guns are harsh to shoot. It can also affect accuracy and reliability. For a weapon designed for “battlefield pickup” drills using whatever trash ammunition found on the ground that is fine.  But precision ARs, especially those using DI (direct impingement) gas systems, benefit hugely from tuning. Having tuned dozens in various calibers, it makes a huge difference. It encompasses matching the gas delivered to the bolt carrier group with the mass of that group, coupled with proper spring tension and buffer use. It results in a softer shooting, cooler running, and more accurate AR. It means you cannot throw whatever reloaded ammunition you find on the ground in it though and expect it to work. You will need to stick to quality ammunition with similar pressure curves.

The rifle came with an AXTS Raptor ambidextrous charging handle.
Adding a suppressor generally adds to the complexity. Over gassed ARs dump excess gas into the action and magazine along with your eyes and lungs. Many will just quit working after a couple of magazines they are so covered in gunk. Tuning for suppressed use helps a ton, but most won’t run if you remove the suppressor. There are some adjustable gas blocks out there that facilitate that, but most clog up, shake loose, or flat-out break under hard use. The simple solution for some rifles is a two-position block that is robust and tuned to the rifle’s use. Few pick up a $3,500.00 AR in .260 Remington for battlefield pickup drills, making it easier to tune it for match grade ammunition. Given a collaboration between Armalite, Surgeon, and AWC, they were able to make this work very well.

 Range Testing

I expected this rifle to be accurate, what most interested me was how the gas block worked using various bullet weights suppressed and unsuppressed. I have often abandoned testing .308-based ARs with a suppressor since they just don’t always work, no matter the suppressor. A bit to my surprise, this rifle worked well, very well in fact!  Starting with some Nexus 136 Grain Lapua, it was fired without the suppressor. Loud, as expected, recoil pretty well mitigated, significant dust signature and brass was ejected smoothly at four o’clock.  Moving the lever over and attaching the PSR, the exercise was repeated with the same results. Excess gas was minimal, brass ejection was in the same place, only this time no muzzle blast. First round push was minimal and it was softer to shoot than a couple of recent 5.56mm rifles tested. The same process was repeated using Federal Gold Medal Match 143 grain SMK, Gorilla 123 Grain SMK and Nosler 120 Grain Ballistic tip yielding the same results. Using controlled fire, the brass ejection was consistent with no failures to eject or return to battery. Rapid fire strings (five rounds rapid fire) using the suppressor saw ejection walking forward to about two o’clock but remaining reliable.

The Nexus load did extremely well, turning in groups as tight as .60 of an inch.

The Nosler load also did quite well, with a tightest group of .64 inches.
Accuracy was as good as it gets with an AR-10, at least for me. My best groups came from the Nexus 136 Grain Lapua at .60 inches. Nosler’s 120 Grain Ballistic Tip was only slightly larger. Every rifle tested so far has grouped the Nosler either the tightest or a very close second. Groups were all under an inch, most between .60 and .75 inches. Since grouping at 100 yards does not always mean it will hold at range, the PRC was tested out to 1,000 yards on steel. Using data from the Kestrel, five rounds of the Nexus 136 Grain Lapua were loaded up and fired at 1,000 yards just after dawn, so no wind, perfect conditions. Target is 12-inches wide by 16-inches tall. All five hit home with a group about the size of my hand ( a tad under 8 inches) measured through the scope. Groups shrunk to fist-sized at 500 yards. All of this was completed using the suppressor, mostly because it was such a pleasure to shoot suppressed. Timney’s trigger was crisp and there were no light primer strikes. My guess is the 1:7 twist is a strong contributor to accuracy at range. There are some strong advocates for faster twist barrels on long range cartridges when they are shortened, and it seems to work here.

The stock that came on the test rifle was a Magpul PRS unit.

Other Considerations

The contour on this barrel is about as big as you can get and still get it to fit under a hand guard. Accuracy is the result, along with minimal recoil, but its no lightweight. Listed weight is 11.4 pounds, unloaded, with no scope. The barrel tapers so most of the weight is back towards the receiver, but it’s about the same weight as most precision bolt rifles. Remove the suppressor and it’s pretty handy. Most of my personal builds in 6.5mm use a 20-inch barrel and it’s the best compromise. Adding the suppressor does not make it unwieldy, but it does add about 7 inches after attachment of the PSR brake. Attaching the suppressor shifted the point of impact 3 inches low. Removing it returned to zero every time.

The PRC 260 rifle really held its own under testing by the author. It is expensive, but it really delivers.

Final Thoughts

Armalite built this rifle to be strong, accurate, reliable, and repeatable. They did an excellent job; not sure it has been done any better outside a straight-up custom build. There were no failures to function using PMAGS, DPMS and my Larue Tactical magazines. It’s billed as a precision rifle that “offers consistency in suppressed and unsuppressed configurations,” and that it does. I have tested custom rifles with similar consistency, but nowhere near as simple, nor likely as robust.
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12 GAUGE AR 15

  MKA-1919 Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge 18.5" 3" 5+1 Synthetic Black Stock Black Receiver

The MKA1919 MATCH is a magazine-fed semi-auto AR-style shotgun. Feeds and functions with 12ga 3 inch or 12ga 2.75 inch. The MKA1919 Match series received many improvements from that of its predecessor. Upgrades and Improvements Include: Ambidextrous Safety, Extended Bolt Release, Extended Magazine Release, Redesigned (Bolt, Locking Block and Action Block), Metal Floating Feed Ramp, two Gas Rings (Heavy Loads or Light Loads) and an easy take down system. Each shotgun comes with two magazines and three internal chokes.

Action: Semi-Automatic
Brand: European American Armory (EAA)
Capacity: 1-10 Rounds
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Action: Semi-Automatic
Barrel Description: Plain
Brand: EAA
Capacity: 5+1
Chamber: 3
Chokes Included: C,M,F
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Hand: Right
Metal Finish: Black
Metal Finish Group: Blued/Black
Model: MKA 1919
OAL: 39.5
Purpose: Personal Protection/Law Enforcement
Recoil Pad Type: None
Series: Match
Sights: A2 Style
Stock Description: Synthetic
Stock Finish Group: Synthetic
Unit of Measure: GN

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SAINT™ 5.56

SAINT™ 5.56

Like those who are unapologetic about protecting their legacy, the SAINT™ makes no compromises when it comes to features, engineering, and operator experience.  As the ultimate refinement of the AR-15 form, the SAINT™ combines innovations like the Accu-Tite receiver mating system with the relentless execution of core features.
The SAINT’s flat top design is optics ready and includes a flip-up rear aperture sight and fixed A2-style front. The 16-inch Chrome Moly Vanadium barrel features a 1:8 twist rate to handle a wide range of bullet types. The operation of the M16 bolt carrier group is managed by a mid-length gas system paired with a heavy tungsten buffer, resulting in an exceptionally smooth action. A good shot starts with the trigger, so that’s why the SAINT™ features micro-polished and Nickel Boron treated components. While it offers the right pull weight for defensive use, you won’t feel it.
Unlike most defensive rifles in its price range, the SAINT™ includes top notch furniture designed to improve both shooting experience and operator performance. An all new, exclusive Bravo Company PKMT KeyMod handguard packs heat shields and flexible attachment points into a slim and easy to handle form factor. The Bravo Company buttstock is rattle-free and complemented by a Bravo pistol grip designed to improve defensive performance.
Built for the free and independent, Springfield Armory®’s SAINT™ represents the next generation of America’s personal defense rifle. Built with relentless dedication to reliability, it’ll be ready when you are because you can always trust the SAINT™.
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Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO (.223REM)

Length 35.5" Fully Extended / 32.25" Collapsed

Weight 6lbs 11oz

Upper Receiver Type III Hard Coat Anodized Aircraft Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum Flat Top, Forward Assist and M4 Feed Ramps​

Lower Receiver Type III Hard Coat Anodized Aircraft Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum, Accu-Tite™ Tension System​

Barrel 16" Chrome Moly Vanadium, 1:8 RH Twist, Melonite®

Gas System Direct Impingement Mid-Length Gas System, .750 Diameter Gas Block

Trigger Springfield Armory® Proprietary, Nickel Boron Coated GI

Sights Springfield Armory® Low Profile Flip-Up, Dual Aperture Rear, 1/2 MOA Windage Adj.

Trigger Guard Bravo Company

Pistol Grip Bravo Company Mod 3

Handguard New, Exclusive Bravo Company, KeyMod, PKMR

Butt Stock Bravo Company 6 Position

Buffer Assembly Carbine "H" Heavy Tungsten Buffer

Receiver Extension Mil-Spec Carbine Receiver Extension, 7075 T6 Type III Hard Anodized Aluminum

Charging Handle GI Style

Bolt Carrier Group M16 BCG w/ Carpenter 158 Steel Bolt, Shot Peened & Magnetic Particle Inspected

Magazine 1 - 30 Round Magpul PMAG Gen M3

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MRAD a high-performance rifle you can truly make your own.


At your command.

Ready to follow your every move, the MRAD adapts to a variety of user needs without sacrificing performance. With unfailing accuracy, this bolt-action system continues to define a whole new class of long-range precision rifles.
The MRAD rifle's user-changeable barrel system is just one example of this hardworking gun's modularity. Available in .338 Lapua Magnum, .338 Norma Magnum, .300 Norma Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .308 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor, the precision grade barrel can be removed by simply loosening two bolts using a standard Torx wrench. Besides reducing maintenance and logistical burdens, this unique design allows for user level caliber interchangeability and serviceability with the MRAD rifle's barrel kits.
The MRAD also boasts Barrett's fully adjustable match-grade trigger module, which is user accessible. The thumb-operated safety can be configured for left or right hand operation. The ambidextrous magazine release can be used intuitively while retaining a firing grip and cheek weld.
Integrated into the MRAD rifle's 7000 series aluminum upper receiver is a 21.75 inch M1913 rail with 20 MOA taper. The forward receiver is drilled and tapped for accessory rails to be mounted at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.
The MRAD stock is foldable for enhanced portability yet locks in as solid as a fixed-stock rifle, creating a rigid platform for consistent firing. During transport the stock folds and locks onto the bolt handle maintaining the same rifle width whether folded or extended.
Made of a temperature-resistant polymer, the adjustable cheek piece also offers a consistent rifle-to-user contact point. The rifle's length of pull can be set to five different positions with the push of a single button.
From its quick-detach sling mounts to colors that blend into any environment - every detail of the MRAD has been carefully designed to create one thing: a high-performance rifle you can truly make your own.


Model: MRAD

Caliber and Barrel Length (Fluted and Heavy):
.338 Lapua Magnum
     20” (51 cm)
     24” (62 cm)
     26” (66 cm)
.338 Norma Magnum
     24” (62 cm)
.300 Norma Magnum
     24” (62 cm)
.300 Winchester Magnum
     24” (62 cm)
.308 Winchester
     17” (43.18 cm)
     22” (56 cm)
7mm Remington Magnum
     24” (62 cm)
6.5 Creedmoor
     24” (62 cm)
.260 Remington
     24” (62 cm)

Operation: Bolt Action Repeater

Colors: Tungsten Grey, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Multi-Role Brown and Black
Min 11.7 lbs (5.3 kg)
Max 14.72 lbs (6.68 kg)

Barrel Color: Black

Rail Length/MOA: 21.75” (55.24 cm) 20 MOA

Barrel Twist Rate:
.338 LM - 1 in 9.35" (24 cm)
.338 NM - 1 in 9.4" (23 cm)
.300 NM - 1 in 10" (25 cm)
.300 WM - 1 in 10" (25 cm)
.308 Win - 1 in 10" (25 cm)
7mm Rem Mag - 1 in 8.5" (21 cm)
6.5 Creed - 1 in 8" (20 cm)
.260 Rem - 1 in 8" (20 cm)

Maximum Length:
26” Barrel - 49.4” (125.5 cm)

Minimum Folded Length:
17” Barrel - 31.75” (80.6 cm)

Magazine Capacity:
10 Rounds


Part No.DescriptionUPC
.338 Lapua Magnum Rifle Systems (Comes With: 2 10 Round Magazines, 2 Sling Loops, 3 Accessory Rails, Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are black.
Multi-Role Brown (MRB) Cerakote Receiver
14346 20" Heavy Barrel 816715013576
14347 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013583
14348 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013590
14349 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013606
14350 26" Heavy Barrel 816715013613
14351 26" Fluted Barrel 816715013620
Black Anodized Receiver
14352 20" Heavy Barrel 816715013514
14353 20" Heavy Barrel 816715013521
14354 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013538
14355 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013545
14356 26" Fluted Barrel 816715013552
14357 26" Fluted Barrel 816715013569
Grey Cerakote Receiver
14383 20" Heavy Barrel 816715013750
14384 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013161
14385 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013774
14386 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013781
14387 26" Heavy Barrel 816715013798
14388 26" Fluted Barrel 816715013804
OD Green Cerakote Receiver
14377 20" Heavy Barrel 816715013699
14378 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013705
14379 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013712
14380 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013729
14381 26" Heavy Barrel 816715013736
14382 26" Fluted Barrel 816715013743
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
14371 20" Heavy Barrel 816715013637
14372 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013644
14373 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013651
14374 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013668
14375 26" Heavy Barrel 816715013675
14376 26" Fluted Barrel 816715013682
.300 Winchester Magnum Rifle Systems (Comes With: 2 10 Round Magazines, 2 Sling Loops, 3 Accessory Rails, Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are black.
Multi-Role Brown (MRB) Cerakote Receiver
14358 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013378
14359 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013385
Black Anodized Receiver
14360 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013354
14361 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013361
Grey Cerakote Receiver
14393 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013439
14394 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013446
OD Green Cerakote Receiver
14391 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013415
14392 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013422
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
14389 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013392
14390 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013408
.308 Winchester Rifle Systems (Comes With: 2 10 Round Magazines, 2 Sling Loops, 3 Accessory Rails, Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are black.
Multi-Role Brown (MRB) Cerakote Receiver
14340 17" Heavy Barrel 816715012937
14338 22" Fluted Barrel 816715012944
Black Anodized Receiver
14342 17" Heavy Barrel 816715012913
14345 22" Fluted Barrel 816715012920
Grey Cerakote Receiver
14368 17" Heavy Barrel 816715012999
14370 22" Fluted Barrel 816715013002
OD Green Cerakote Receiver
14365 17" Heavy Barrel 816715012975
14367 22" Fluted Barrel 816715012982
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
14343 17" Heavy Barrel 816715012951
14364 22" Fluted Barrel 816715012968
7mm Remington Magnum Rifle Systems (Comes With: 2 10 Round Magazines, 2 Sling Loops, 3 Accessory Rails, Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are black.
Multi-Role Brown (MRB) Cerakote Receiver
15464 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015426
15469 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015433
Black Anodized Receiver
15463 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015402
15468 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015419
Grey Cerakote Receiver
15467 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015488
15472 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015495
OD Green Cerakote Receiver
15466 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015464
15471 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015471
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
15465 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015440
15470 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015457
6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Systems (Comes With: 2 10 Round Magazines, 2 Sling Loops, 3 Accessory Rails, Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are black.
Multi-Role Brown (MRB) Cerakote Receiver
14442 24" Heavy Barrel 816715012937
14443 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015112
Black Anodized Receiver
14440 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015624
14441 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015361
15500 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015358
Grey Cerakote Receiver
14448 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015709
14449 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015716
15504 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015396
OD Green Cerakote Receiver
14446 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015686
14447 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015693
15503 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015389
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
14444 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015662
14445 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015679
15502 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015372
.260 Remington Rifle Systems (Comes With: 2 10 Round Magazines, 2 Sling Loops, 3 Accessory Rails, Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are black.
Multi-Role Brown (MRB) Cerakote Receiver
14432 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015549
14433 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015556
15496/td> 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015310
Black Anodized Receiver
14430 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015525
14431 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015532
15495 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015303
Grey Cerakote Receiver
14438 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015600
14439 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015617
15499 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015341
OD Green Cerakote Receiver
14436 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015587
14437 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015594
15498 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015334
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
14434 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015563
14435 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015570
15497 24" Carbon Fiber Barrel 816715015327

Conversion Kits

Part No.DescriptionUPC
Includes: complete barrel assembly, bolt (complete), ZCORR Barrett branded bag, and one 10 round magazine.
.338 Lapua Magnum Conversion Kits "A"
14272 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013149
14273 20" Heavy Barrel 816715013156
14274 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013163
14275 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013170
14276 26" Fluted Barrel 816715013187
14277 26" Heavy Barrel 816715013194
.338 Norma Magnum Conversion Kits "A"
14278 24" Fluted Barrel 816715014542
14279 24" Heavy Barrel 816715014559
.300 Norma Magnum Conversion Kits "A"
14280 24" Fluted Barrel 816715014566
14281 24" Heavy Barrel 816715014573
.300 Winchster Magnum Conversion Kits "B"
14282 24" Fluted Barrel 816715013224
14283 24" Heavy Barrel 816715013231
7mm Remington Magnum Conversion Kits "B"
15474 24" Fluted Barrel 816715015518
15473 24" Heavy Barrel 816715015501
.308 Winchster Conversion Kits "C"
14206 17" Heavy Barrel 816715013200
13261 22" Fluted Barrel 816715013217
.260 Remington Conversion Kits "C"
14286 24" Heavy Barrel 816715014467
14287 24" Fluted Barrel 816715014474
6.5 Creedmoor Conversion Kits "C"
14288 24" Fluted Barrel 816715014481
14289 24" Heavy Barrel 816715014498
MRAD Breech Conversion Kit
Includes: bolt tube, bolt retaining pin, firing pin assembly, and front and rear bolt tube guides.
14674 MRAD Breech Conversion Kit 816715013507

Model 82A1 BARRET .50 OR .416 CAL

The Powerhouse Rifle.

As the first shoulder fired semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle, the Model 82A1 has been carefully honed, studied and then refined again. The result is low felt recoil, self-loading action and accurate firepower that never slows down.  Emergency iron sights provided, nerves of steel are not.


Model: Model 82A1, Model 82A1 CQ or Model 82A1 Non-Detachable Magazine

Caliber: .50 BMG or .416 Barrett

Operation: Recoil Operated, Semi-Automatic

Overall Length: 57” (145 cm) or 48” (122 cm)

Weight: 32.72 lbs (14.8 kg) or 31.45 lbs (14 kg)
Barrel Length: 29” (73.7 cm) or 20” (50.8 cm) .50 BMG only

Barrel Twist Rate: 1 turn in 15” (38.1 cm) for .50 BMG or 1 turn in 12” (30.5 cm) for .416 Barrett

Rail Length/MOA: 18” (45.72 cm) 27 MOA

Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds


Part No.DescriptionUPC
.50 BMG Rifle Systems (Comes With: 10 Round Magazine, Carry Handle, Bipod, Monopod & Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are black.
Black Parkerized Receiver
13318 20" Fluted Barrel 816715010193
13123 20" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715011824
13124 20" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, BORS, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715011831
13316 29" Fluted Barrel 816715010025
13317 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715010018
12412 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, BORS, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715010216
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
14030 20" Fluted Barrel 816715012647
14022 20" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715012630
14023 20" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, BORS, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715012623
14031 29" Fluted Barrel 816715012616
14024 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715012609
14025 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, BORS, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715012593
.416 Barrett Rifle Systems (Comes With: 10 Round Magazine, Carry Handle, Bipod, Monopod & Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are black.
Black Parkerized Receiver
13315 29" Fluted Barrel 816715011404
13137 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715011626
12437 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, BORS, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715010209
12353 Non-Detach Magazine, 29" Fluted Barrel 816715010186
13138 Non-Detach Magazine, 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715011633
13139 Non-Detach Magazine, 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, BORS, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715011640
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
14029 29" Fluted Barrel 816715012678
14020 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715012661
14021 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, BORS, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715012654
Upper Conversion Kits (Comes With: 10 Round Magazine). All barrels are black.
12649 Upper, .416 Barrett, Black Receiver, 29" Fluted Barrel 816715010490
14026 Upper, .416 Barrett, Tan Receiver, 29" Fluted Barrel 816715012586
12660 Upper, .50 BMG, Black Receiver, 20" Fluted Barrel 816715010513
12650 Upper, .50 BMG, Black Receiver, 29" Fluted Barrel 816715010506
14027 Upper, .50 BMG, Tan Receiver, 20" Fluted Barrel 816715012579
14028 Upper, .50 BMG, Tan Receiver, 29" Fluted Barrel 816715012562



A Whole New Legend.

It may be related to the Model 82A1®/M107®, but the M107A1 is far from a simple evolution. Driven by the demands of combat, every component was re-engineered to be lighter yet stronger. Designed to be used with a suppressor, this rifle allows you to combine signature reduction capabilities with the flawless reliability of the original Barrett M107, but with a weight reduction of 5 pounds.  Advanced design and manufacturing make the M107A1 more precise than ever.


Model: M107A1

Caliber: .50 BMG

Operation: Recoil Operated, Semi-Automatic

Rail Length/MOA: 18” (45.72 cm) 27 MOA

Weight: 28.7 lbs (13 kg) or 27.4 lbs (12.4 kg)
Overall Assembled Length: 57” (145 cm) or 48” (122 cm)

Barrel Length: 29” (73.7 cm) or 20” (50.8 cm)

Rifling Twist: 1 turn in 15” (38.1 cm)

Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds


Part No.DescriptionUPC
.50 BMG Rifle Systems (Comes With: 10 Round Magazine, Bipod, Monopod & Hard Carrying Case). All barrels are parkerized black.
Black Cerakote™ Receiver
14085 29" Fluted Barrel 816715012432
14018 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715012692
14019 29" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings, BORS 816715012685
14084 20" Fluted Barrel 816715012425
14016 20" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings 816715012715
14017 20" Fluted Barrel, Leupold Scope, Barrett Ultra High Rings, BORS 816715012708
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Receiver
14559 29" Fluted Barrel 816715013088
14558 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013071
Multi Role Brown Cerakote Receiver
14557 29" Fluted Barrel 816715013064
14556 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013057
Grey Cerakote Receiver
14553 29" Fluted Barrel 816715013026
14552 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013019
OD Green Cerakote Receiver
14555 29" Fluted Barrel 816715013040
14554 20" Fluted Barrel 816715013033

Trump Admin Pledges Support for Law Enforcement

Trump Admin Pledges Support for Law Enforcement on White House Page

(Breitbart) President Trump is keeping his campaign promise as president by pledging to stand up for our Law Enforcement.
Shortly after taking the oath of office as our 45th president of the United States on Friday, the official White House website quickly published six top new issue statement, all top priorities of the Trump’s administration, including one titled, “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community.”
In the Law Enforcement section, Trump states his administration “will be a law and order administration,” committed to ending the “dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America.”
The statement offers a stark difference from his predecessor, President Barack Obama, who routinely investigated police departments all while championing anti-police groups such as Black Lives Matter.
Such anti-police groups have led to an uptick in anger and hatred towards police. 135 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2016. Out of the 135 fallen officers, 64 were killed in shooting fatalities with 21 of those being ambushed attacks. The most deadliest ambush against police officers occurred in Dallas, Texas, in July of 2016 where five police officers were fatally shot during a Black Lives Matter protest.
The Trump administration, according to the statement, will prevent these protest movements from continuing to have the power to freely riot and loot in the streets.
“Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter,” the statement reads on the White House’s official website. “The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump Administration will end it. Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter. Our job is to make life more comfortable for parents who want their kids to be able to walk the streets safely. Or the senior citizen waiting for a bus. Or the young child walking home from school.”…

Anti-Trump Protestors Spat On Gold Star Family Members Outside American Legion Ball,but there has been no media frenzy to report on this incident.

Anti-Trump Protestors Spat On Gold Star Family Members Outside American Legion Ball

Anti-Trump Protestors Spat On Gold Star Family Members Outside American Legion Ball

Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham joined Jake Tapper on CNN’s “The Lead” to talk about anti-Trump protestors getting rowdy, attacking, and spitting on Gold Star families attending the American Legion Salute to Heroes Inaugural Gala Friday.
Ryan Manion, who lost her brother in Iraq in 2007 and Amy Looney, whose husband died in Afghanistan in 2010, were spat upon by anti-Trump protestors while walking into and leaving the American Legion’s Salute to American Heroes Inaugural Gala Friday night. According to Manion, whose Facebook post on the incident has been shared almost 2,000 times, they were not black-bloc-style rioters but mostly regular protesters, and many of them were women. Manion is a personal friend of Ham’s, who talked to her about the incident after seeing her Facebook post. Aside from that, there has been almost no media coverage of this incident.
“As we made our way through the crowd, we were spit at and called some of the worst and most vile things I have ever heard come out of a person’s mouth,” Manion wrote on Facebook. “These people had such hatred in their eyes when they screamed at us. After leaving the event we walked outside and was first pushed by a man in a mask hiding his face, then told by 2 women that we ruined this country… As the one woman screamed the other pushed up against me and colored all over my mom’s shawl I was wearing with permanent marker. I am angry and I am scared. My brother and Amy’s husband gave their lives to protect the freedoms that we hold so dear.”
Ham brought up the incident on CNN.
“I think we can all agree that the tone of protesting yesterday was different than today,” Ham said. “This is a nonpartisan organization holding this ball, they work for a non-partisan foundation and are Gold Star families, but when they went in they were surrounded by protesters and they were spit upon and cursed at — on the way in and the way out.”
“They were shaken, but fine — but [it’s] very disappointing,” she added.
“I don’t think this characterizes the march and the movement that we saw out here today,” she said. “I want to be careful about that because I think that that’s something people have unfairly done to conservative movements in the past and to Tea Partiers, where you pick one thing and you go: ‘Look at those awful people out there, their concerns should be dismissed.'”
“But this is part of the story, as is Madonna saying she thinks about blowing up the White House,” she said. “Those are not great things. If it were a conservative movement, we would hear a lot about it. If you don’t think that the left has some prejudices of its own that can lead it very astray like it did last night in that instance, then you’re wrong. And if you think that that’s not part of the reason many turned to Trump, then you’re also wrong.”
Manion wrote an op-ed on the incident for the Philadephia Inquirer today, but there has been no media frenzy to report on this incident.
“Amy and I did not attend the Inaugural Ball as a political statement. We support the current administration exactly like we supported the previous administration and just like we will support every future administration that the American people elect. Amy and I keep our personal politics private; our duty is to the legacy of Travis and Brendan and all those that have served and sacrificed,” Manion wrote.
“I believe this ugly incident involving Amy and me is one of those teachable moments that our entire country can learn from. The character of this country is, at the end of the day, defined by our differences. I have friends who I love dearly on both sides of the political aisle. Let’s celebrate the differences that not only define us, but define what makes the United States of America the greatest country in the world.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

9mm MAC-10 Takes Glock Mags

9mm MAC-10 Takes Glock Mags – Masterpiece Arms DMG – SHOT Show 2015

The appeal of this design, originally, was full-auto in the smallest possible package. Will the semi-auto prove as popular?
The appeal of this design, originally, was full-auto in the smallest possible package. Will the semi-auto prove as popular?
New from Masterpiece Arms for 2015 is the MPA 930 DMG. The DMG is a evolution of sorts developed from the Military Armament Corporation model 10 SMG of the 1970’s. The DMG is vastly improved, much lighter, smaller, more ergonomic, and (of course) semiautomatic. The DMG is the latest and greatest offering in the Master Piece Arms lineup, and is slowly changing the way we perceive MAC style pistols.
The DMG has an all new aircraft grade aluminum lower receiver that accepts Glock magazines as well as decal grip panels. The rear of the receiver has some nice touches to improve utility. For those who want to carry a DMG, MPA has added an integral QD mount for the attachment of a single point sling. The receiver is also pre-drilled and tapped for the use of stock adapters. A pistol like this is just begging for a side folding stock or SB-15 arm brace.
The DMG is built with a 3.5 inch barrel that is threaded to 1/2×28 and ships with a large diameter thread protector. The DMG utilizes a left side-cocking handle, and has an integral 1913 rail if you would want to use a red dot optic. The iron sights on this pistol are adjustable, and in comparison to a MAC pistol, they are a vast improvement.
The gun is available in Black, Burnt Bronze, Flat Dark Earth, Gunmetal, and Tungsten Cerakote finishes and will be shipping in mid February at a retail price of $679.
We’ve got one inbound for testing, so we’ll put it through the full treatment. It looks like a great fun-gun. The jury is still out on the semiautomatic action. For carrying, I mean. Not for goofing off on the range. We’ll see, though, and I bet we’ll have fun doing it.
The large charging handle will make charging easy.
The large charging handle will make charging easy.
It has functional sights, too, though this isn't a target pistol.
It has functional sights, too, though this isn’t a target pistol.
The Cerakote looks good on the gun--a nice break from the traditional black.
The Cerakote looks good on the gun–a nice break from the traditional black.

6.5 Creedmore – Masterpiece Arms – + CZ 755 Chassis & Can in the Buttstock

3/8ths MOA Guaranteed – 6.5 Creedmore – Masterpiece Arms – + CZ 755 Chassis & Can in the Buttstock – SHOT Show 2017

Masterpiece Arms
65BA Chassis Rifle $3,150
(I can’t find other products on website)
Serious shooters benefit most from small companies with design teams who are enthusiasts themselves. That is the case with Masterpiece Arms, and it is funny since they started making MAC-10s. But even going back to that gun, MPA took what is considered a classic mostly useless movie gun, and matured it into a practical and reliable pistol caliber carbine (with a brace) that actually takes Glock Mags.
Now MPA has become an evolution to competition rifles, 3/8ths MOA guaranteed competition rifles no less. Go figure. I think it’s just a group of guys having fun pushing the boundaries on guns with whatever they can think up and build, and doing a great job of it.
The first rifle in the video is the Masterpiece Arms MPA65BA in 6.5 Creedmore. It is built on their BA chassis system, and then you’ll see a smaller version of the BA chassis built for the CZ 755 rimfire rifle. I have reviewed those guns and gotten 1/4 MOA out of the box, with a wood stock, so you can easily imagine why MPA would make a chassis, rather than rimfire rifles with a more recognized name.
And the last product you may have seen here once before, when MPA first announced it. It is a folding chassis system that allows you to hide a suppressor in the buttstock. Holding it in my hands, the rifle said covert operator, not mall ninja, and though I’m not that scary guy myself, I could see how this could be a valuable asset in such a profession.
All of these guns are for the most part hand made one at a time to order, so if you want one, contact MPA to get in line. Main office in Comer, GA: (706)-395-7050

Kel-Tec’s New 40+1 Capacity KSG 12-Gauge!

Kel-Tec’s New 40+1 Capacity KSG 12-Gauge! – SHOT Show 2017


Kel-Tec made a huge splash a few years ago with the SHOT Show introduction of the KSG, a bullpup shotgun with dual magazine tubes and an outstanding 13-round capacity. Its popularity lead to countless other bullpup-style shotguns.
Often imitated but never duplicated, I think we all wondered how Kel-Tec could possibly top that one. Well, now we have an answer. Enter the updated pump-action KSG-25.
The 25 in KSG-25 is due to the fact that it holds 25 rounds of 12 gauge. Full-size shells. An entire box. And if you load up with Augula Mini Shells, you get a capacity of 40+1. This is pretty insane to contemplate, no matter the size of the gun.
The KSG-25 achieves this capacity by matching its 30-inch barrel with its two full-length magazine tubes. Thanks to the bullpup action its still a relatively compact package overall. The whole thing measures in at only 38 inches long — an overall length within an inch of a Remington 870 with an 18-inch barrel.
Being a bullpup, the KSG-25 is about the same overall length as a standard defensive shotgun.
It comes with Magpul sights and forward pistol grip.


  • Chamber: 12-gauge, 3-inch
  • Barrel length: 30 inches
  • Overall length: 38 inches
  • Weight 11.5 pounds (fully loaded)
  • Finish: matte black
  • Sights: Magpul MBUS flip-up
  • MSRP: $1,400


It would be easy to dismiss this gun as novelty. I’m not even much of a shotgun guy, so I wanted to hate it. But when you pick it up and really consider the way it handles, it is a pretty badass piece of gear. Pretty much ends my argument against shotguns as being to slow to reload in a home defense gun.
If you can’t solve it with 41 rounds of buckshot, you probably need something belt fed and friends. This thing is like a hand held Claymore. The Kel-Tec fans are going to love it, the haters are going to tell us it’s impractical, and Kel-Tec’s competition in the shotgun industry is going to try and copy it as fast as they can. Another big innovation from Kel Tec, this one is sure to be a hit.

Pricing and Availability

As far as pump-action shotguns go the suggested retail price is above-average at $1,400. But that won’t stop anyone from buying this over-the-top bullpup shotgun.
Like the rest of Kel-Tec’s halo products pricing and availability is sure to be all over the map. If you want one and have the money, buy it before someone else does, even if it’s listing at full price. Because it will sell out and fast.
To learn more, visit

Five Women Whose Rights the ‘Women’s March’ Left Behind

Five Women Whose Rights the ‘Women’s March’ Left Behind

On Saturday, a coalition of actresses, pop stars, and Michael Moore congregated in cities throughout the country to protest the peaceful transfer of power between Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, a centuries-old American tradition.

The speeches – from a cast of characters with as diverse backgrounds as Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johansson, and Madonna – warned that America was on the precipice of a “new age of tyranny” and only “revolution” could save it. The “pussyhats,” armed with “derogatory” language as a vehicle of “empowerment,” warned the American electorate that the age in which the American left respected the nation’s republican electoral infrastructure had ended.
The content of the speeches at such rallies appeared to deviate from their nominal purpose. Organizers allegedly called the march to defend the human rights of oppressed women. It should have been a unique opportunity to raise human rights abuses that often get sidelined from the international conversation because they affect women: female genital mutilation, refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) rape, and sexual slavery, for starters.
The top headliners at the flagship rally in Washington, DC, appeared significantly more concerned about Donald Trump, the first president to support same-sex marriage legalization since his first day in office and a Republican who has told his conservative audiences that Planned Parenthood “does wonderful things.”
Breitbart News would be remiss not to use the occasion to highlight the women Gloria Steinem and the cast of Hamilton left behind. Below, five harrowing stories of abuse that should be at the forefront of all feminists’ struggle against oppression.
Berta Soler
Soler is the head of the Ladies in White anti-communist movement in Cuba. On almost every Sunday since the “Black Spring” of 2003, Soler and her compatriots – the wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers of Cuban political prisoners – have been arrested for carrying images of their wrongfully imprisoned loved ones to church and attempting to sit in on Catholic Mass in Havana. They have been beaten, dragged by their ankles, pulled by their hair, jeered, tarred, and forcibly abandoned hours away from their homes with no way of getting back on a regular basis under the Raúl Castro regime. They seek the freedom of prisoners of conscience and a restoration of respect for basic human rights in Cuba, and openly rejected communism.
Soler was last arrested on Monday and released in time for a Ladies in White resistance event Wednesday.
Soler has vowed the Ladies in White will continue their weekly Mass attendance and silent marches holding the images of political prisoners throughout 2017 despite resistance and the emboldening of the Castro regime under President Obama, who she has sternly criticized in public.
The Women’s March on Washington featured numerous supporters of the Castro regime, including Michael Moore and Angela Davis.
Asia Bibi
Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian mother who has spent the past seven years on death row after two Muslim coworkers accused her of insulting Muhammad, a crime in Pakistan punishable by death. Bibi sparked the ire of her coworkers, according to case documents, by drinking out of a vessel the accusers alleged was reserved for Muslims only. Upon being confronted, her coworkers allege Bibi asked them, “What did Muhammad do for you?” Bibi denies she said this, but her word in an Islamic Pakistani court weighs less than those of her accusers.
Pakistan delayed her appeal trial in October, and the chief judge presiding abruptly left the case, forcing her to forgo another Christmas with her family. The response from radical Islamic groups in the country, which are largely given free reign to protest perceived insults towards their religion, has been to demand her immediate execution. Members of these groups have taken to threatening and killing anyone who speaks against Bibi’s execution. In a particularly notable case, Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer was shot to death by his own bodyguard for criticizing the nation’s blasphemy laws. Islamic groups around the world celebrate his death to this day.
Bibi is not the only Pakistani to suffer under Pakistan’s sharia-compliant laws, Christian or not: women can be killed for a variety of “crimes” like refusing the advances of a Muslim man, allegedly desecrating a Quran, or simply questioning the authority of an Islamic leader. While some are arrested in these cases, few see justice served, particularly those in which relatives engaged in the “honor” murder to protect their family’s reputation.
Park Yeonmi
Park escaped North Korea at age 13 through China, where guards have often taken advantage of women attempting to flee the repressive communist state by demanding sexual favors. A guard indeed attempted to rape Park, but ultimately relented after her mother offered herself up instead. She was raped twice that night. “The first time, I heard only 
the sounds. The second time was in front of me. I told myself I did not 
see that. That’s how I could carry on with life,” Park told Marie Claire.
Park was eventually sold to a “husband” who she agreed to have sex with in exchange for being reunited with her mother, who was also sold. She has now become one of the most prominent anti-North Korean voices in the free world, and in interviews notes that it remains difficult to express her opinion freely due to years of indoctrination.
While Park’s struggle to escape North Korea is complete, her case is not unique. “Defectors face torture, arbitrary detention, rape, forced labor,” George Tugushi, the vice chairperson of the United Nations Committee Against Torture, said in 2015, urging China to cease repatriation of North Koreans.
Kayla Mueller
Kayla Mueller suffered months of brutality as a favorite sex slave of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder of the Islamic State. The jihadist group announced that she was killed in an airstrike at age 26 in 2015; the U.S. government confirmed her death but not how she died.
In the months following her death, the details of her captivity were illuminated through interviews with escaped captives who knew her while enslaved by the Islamic State. Mueller was abducted in 2013 in Syria, and subjected to “torture, verbal abuse, prolonged isolation, sensory deprivation, stress positions, forced labor or sexual assault,” including rape at the hands of al-Baghdadi himself, it is believed.
While enslaved, Mueller refused to convert to Islam, defying her jihadist captors when they tried to claim otherwise, and became a protective elder sister figure to Yazidi girls who had been captured and enslaved. She refused to escape with a group of girls, arguing that, as an American, she would bring undue attention to the other girls.
While Mueller died in captivity, the Islamic State continues to control large swathes of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and claims supporters in China, Russia, much of Europe, and the United States. Yazidi girls, considered “devil worshippers” by the Islamic State, have become prime targets for sexual slavery, and many remain held in captivity in Mosul, the largest city under ISIS control in Iraq. Those who survive are often shunned by their communities due to their time as sex slaves. Aid groups say those who escaped are in dire need of psychological care and many remain suicidal.
Mayar Mohamed Mousa
Mousa died at age 17 in Egypt while undergoing an illegal female genital mutilation (FGM) procedure. “The initial results of an autopsy performed on the girl cite blood clotting as the possible cause of death,” CNN reported in June 2016. Complications during the mutilation – which often includes the complete removal of the clitoris and hacking of parts of the labia – are common, but parents have continued to submit their girls to the procedure to deprive them of sexual desire, keeping them “pure.”
“Many parents will have their daughters cut as a proactive measure so that they will be ‘marriageable’… In some communities, men refuse to marry any woman who has not been cut,” a report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) explained shortly after Mousa’s death. Men who support the procedure sometimes claim it is necessary not because women are prone to promiscuity, but because trusting men to be sexually responsible is a fool’s errand.
“We are a population whose men suffer from sexual weakness, which is evident because Egypt is among the biggest consumers of sexual stimulants that only the weak will consume,” Egyptian legislator Elhamy Agina said in September. “If we stop FGM, we will need strong men and we don’t have men of that sort.”
Egypt banned FGM in 2008 and has enacted new punitive measures following Mousa’s death. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), however, up to 62 percent of girls still suffer the procedure by the age of 18 (this is down from 97 percent in 2000).
“More than 200 million girls and women alive today have been cut in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia,” according to the WHO.