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Anti-Trump ‘resistance‘ chief faces child-rape accusation

SEATTLE — Only three days before a 46-year-old man filed a lawsuit accusing him of child rape and “molestation,” Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was featured in a national interview story as one of the faces of the Democratic Party’s resistance to President Trump.
said Murray was “positioning himself at the forefront of the pushback” to Trump.
His city had and he had teamed with Washington’s governor and attorney general to oppose Trump’s temporary travel ban, resulting in a ruling by a federal judge in Seattle to temporarily halt the president’s executive order.
Murray, who is running for re-election this year, told Politico he was “beginning to think we’re dealing with America’s first authoritarian administration.”
But last Thursday, a local man filed a , claiming Murray raped and molested him when the man was a teenager.
with a thorough, multi-reporter examination of the charges, including interviews with two other men with similar profiles who told similar stories and provided matching intimate physical details of Murray and the apartment he lived in at the time.
 and he said he felt sad for the “troubled” individual making the claims.
“I have never backed down,” he said. “And I will not back down now.”
“Let me be clear: These allegations, dating back to a period of more than 30 years, are simply not true,” the mayor said.
The mayor’s personal spokesman Jeff Reading said: “These false accusations are intended to damage a prominent elected official who has been a defender of vulnerable populations for decades. It is not a coincidence that this shakedown effort comes within weeks of the campaign filing deadline. These unsubstantiated assertions, dating back three decades, are categorically false. Mayor Murray has never engaged in an inappropriate relationship with any minor. … Mayor Murray will vigorously fight these allegations in court.”
However,  for deciding to investigate and report the allegations, noting it had interviewed two other accusers and sought “documentation or witnesses to corroborate their accounts.”
The Times knew of two other accusers in March 2008, Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson, but chose not to report their claims at the time, because, among other things, the attorney for Simpson withdrew a potential lawsuit.
“Ultimately, we felt we did not have enough information to publish these very serious accusations,” the Times said.
But the paper “decided we needed to take another look when we learned recently that a Kent man was preparing to sue now-Mayor Murray.”
“We found no connection between the new accuser, identified in the lawsuit as D.H., and the other men. Our reporting revealed similarities among the three accounts, including some graphic details. We felt readers should know,” the Times said.
“We don’t take these decisions lightly, and make them only after lengthy discussions. We know this is a disturbing story. But we cannot shy away from important stories simply because they make us uncomfortable.”
After Murray’s statement Friday, the lawyer for D.H., , arguing the mayor’s representatives have never asked for his client’s identity, so if Murray is being truthful “he should have no idea who my client is” and would have no basis to “paint him as ‘troubled,‘” unless he knew him.
Epicenter of resistance
Murray was named in a Feb. 5 Washington Post article headlined ” noting the mayor had vowed to protect illegal-alien residents, even asking the city to rework budgets in anticipation of the loss of federal funds.
“This city will not be bullied by this administration,” Murray .
Politico reported Murray’s path to City Hall in Seattle began as an AIDS activist in the 1980s. Later, he managed a friend’s campaign for state representative. Murray was appointed to that seat himself after the friend died. He then won a seat in the state Senate before defeating an incumbent in a 2013 mayoral primary.
Under Murray, Seattle led the nation in imposing a $15 minimum wage and has initiated controversial, tax-hiking programs to combat homelessness that have included tent cities and encampments deploying run-down RVs.
Days before the lawsuit against him was filed, in favor of pursuing a county sales tax increase to pay for services in the region.
Seattle and King County rank third — behind Los Angeles and New York City — among 50 major cities and counties in the number of homeless people, with nearly 11,000, according to a November 2016 federal government report.
In his interview with Politico April 3, Murray discussed his Catholic faith — he once studied to be a priest before changing direction — and the divisions among Democrats who are trying to mount a resistance to Trump.
“On the national level, at times, I feel like we are becoming like the tea party on the far right, that we have purity tests,” he said.
“If we are starting to have purity tests amongst ourselves, then we’re never going to gain back those working-class and lower-income people that we are building a progressive movement for.”
‘Healing process’
The three accusers interviewed by the Times said they knew Murray when they were growing up in Portland in the 1980s.
In his legal complaint, D.H. alleges Murray “raped and molested him” over several years, beginning in 1986 when the man was a 15-year-old high-school dropout and crack-cocaine addict.
“I have been dealing with this for over 30 years,” the man, now sober for a year, told the Times.
He said he was coming forward as part of a “healing process” after years of “the shame, the embarrassment, the guilt, the humiliation that I put myself through and that he put me through.”
The two other accusers, Simpson and Anderson, also described themselves as troubled teens in the 1980s when they knew Murray.
Simpson told the Times he spoke to a detective and a social worker in 1984 about his claim, but no charges were filed.
A decade ago, they both raised the allegations to media and Washington state lawmakers. Simpson, in 2008, said he spoke on the phone with the Rev. Ken Hutcherson, the late local pastor who was an outspoken activist for traditional marriage.
Anderson and Simpson told the Times they would testify in court if needed.
Murray’s spokesman, Reading, addressed the previous claims.
“The two older accusations were promoted by extreme right-wing anti-gay activists in the midst of the marriage equality campaign, and were thoroughly investigated and dismissed by both law enforcement authorities and the media,” he said.
The Times pointed out all three of Murray’s accusers have “substantial criminal records.”
Simpson said he understands why people didn’t believe him then.
“I get it. I understand, my past is less than stellar,” he said. “… People did think I was nuts and nobody wanted to believe it. But I felt I needed to tell the truth, finally tell the truth.”
D.H. told the Times he didn’t see how Murray could deny the claims. The paper said attorneys want to question the mayor under oath within 90 days.
The accuser wants Murray held accountable for treating him “like I was just nothing, like I was worthless.”
His lawsuit said he “is disturbed that Mr. Murray maintains a position of trust and authority, and believes that the public has a right to full information when a trusted official exploits a child.”
‘Potential land mines’
The Seattle Time’s Nina Shapiro cited
Danni Askini of the Gender Justice League said it’s “too soon” to take sides but said she felt emotional about the allegations.
“The news has been unbelievably triggering for survivors of DV (domestic violence), sexual assault and childhood sexual assault,” she wrote in a Facebook post.
But she is also concerned, Shapiro said, about how “accusations like these can feed homophobic stereotypes.”
“I see so many potential land mines here,” Askini wrote.
Shapiro said that while the mayor and his spokesmen have accused the men of having political motivations, “the allegations — though unproven and still fresh — had an all-too-familiar ring.”
“It’s the pattern,” said Richard Sipe, a former priest who has written and testified about sexual abuse in the Catholic church. “All the elements are there.”
Sipe noted the alleged victims were vulnerable people, and Murray is accused of developing a relationship with them by offering help.
In Catholic church abuse cases he has studied, Sipe told the Times, priests often chose children who had lost a father, then drew close and said, “I’ll be your father now.”
Mary Dispenza, Northwest leader of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, didn’t want to jump to conclusions, recalling Murray was a leader in supporting homosexuals in the church.
But she told Shapiro the allegations stirred memories.
Dispenza said he was abused at age 7 but didn’t disclose it until she was 52.
“I know what holds us back,” she said, referring to shame.
members of the Seattle City Council were remaining silent about the allegations. Council President Bruce Harrell said in a written statement he and the council’s other members “have no intention of commenting on matters of pending or potential litigation. We believe that it is critically important that, together, we remain committed to the business of governing.”
If Murray were to resign, Harrell would be called upon to serve as acting mayor.
“Our city cannot afford to be distracted,” Harrell said. “There is a judicial process that will address the serious allegations that this situation has presented, and we will respect that process and the rights of all parties involved. All accusations of abuse require a thorough investigation. It is in our human nature to immediately want answers, but I ask we not cast aspersions to the parties involved before we have all the facts through the legal process. I am confident that through this process, truth and justice will prevail.”

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FBI agent accused of lying about firing shots during confrontation with LaVoy Finicum

FBI agent in court on charge of lying about rancher shooting

PORTLAND, Ore. — An FBI agent pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to charges that he lied about shooting at a key figure in last year’s armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge just before the man was killed by Oregon police.
W. Joseph Astarita said nothing during a brief court hearing and was released on his own recognizance.
He was indicted on five felony charges after the inspector general of the U.S. Justice Department began investigating last year possible FBI misconduct and whether there was a cover-up.
Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, a spokesman for the group that took over the remote bird sanctuary to oppose federal control of land in the western United States, was fatally shot Jan. 26, 2016. Oregon State Police opened fire after he got out of a vehicle at a police roadblock, held up his hands and then reached toward a handgun that he kept in an inner jacket pocket.
Investigators determined the troopers were justified in shooting Finicum but also found members of an FBI hostage rescue team at the scene failed to disclose that they fired two rounds that missed the Arizona rancher.
A grand jury indicted Astarita on three counts of making false statements to his FBI supervisors on the day of the shooting and the day after it and on two counts of obstruction of justice for misleading the Oregon State Police. A jury trial is set for Aug. 29.
Finicum’s widow, Jeanette Finicum, has said she plans to sue Oregon State Police and the FBI, alleging the use of excessive force in her husband’s death. Nobody answered a call to her number Wednesday, and her lawyer, Brian Claypool, did not return a message seeking comment.
Dozens of people, including leader Ammon Bundy, occupied the remote Malheur National Wildlife Refuge about 290 miles southeast of Portland, from Jan. 2 to Feb. 11, 2016. They were allowed to come and go for several weeks as authorities tried to avoid bloodshed seen in past standoffs at Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.
But authorities moved in Jan. 26 when key standoff leaders left the refuge to attend a community meeting, pulling over two vehicles and arresting the occupiers inside.
Finicum, 54, was driving one of the vehicles. Video taken by one of his passengers showed the occupants panicking after authorities stopped the truck.
With his window rolled down, Finicum shouted at officers: “Shoot me, just shoot me! Put the bullet through me.”
Finicum then sped off. He was driving more than 70 mph when the truck came to a roadblock and plowed into a snowbank.
Authorities say the FBI agent fired two errant shots as Finicum left the truck. As Finicum stood in the snow, authorities told him to lie on the ground. Instead, he reached toward his jacket, leading state troopers to fire three rounds, all of which hit him.
Most occupiers left the refuge after Finicum’s death, though four holdouts stayed an additional 16 days.
Federal prosecutors tried to convict occupation leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five others in a trial last fall but jurors acquitted them of charges of conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs.
Jurors convicted four men in a second trial. An additional 14 people pleaded guilty without going to trial.
The Bundys and others are now facing trial in Nevada on conspiracy charges in a 2014 armed standoff with federal agents.

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Chelsea bomber tried to radicalize inmates, prosecutors say

Chelsea bomber tried to radicalize inmates, prosecutors say

Story highlights

  • Ahmad Khan Rahimi shared terrorist propaganda with other prisoners, prosecutors say
  • He was convicted in October in the 2016 bombing in New York's Chelsea neighborhood
(CNN)The man convicted in the 2016 bombing in New York's Chelsea neighborhood that injured 30 people has been trying to radicalize other inmates, federal prosecutors say.
Ahmad Khan Rahimi also told a judge he is on a hunger strike.
Rahimi provided inmates with copies of terrorist propaganda and jihadist materials, including speeches by Osama Bin Laden and the late militant cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, bomb making instructions, books on jihad and issues of the al Qaeda-backed magazine Inspire, prosecutors said.
Rahimi "has been attempting to radicalize fellow inmates in the Metropolitan Correction Center by, among other things, distributing propaganda and publications issued by terrorist organizations," according to a letter from Acting US Attorney Joon H. Kim to US District Judge Richard Berman.
Rahimi let other inmates view the items on his laptop and gave them electronic copies, Kim's letter said. Discs of the materials were found in two inmates' possession.
Defense attorneys for Rahimi have yet to respond to the allegations.
Prosecutors said Rahimi began distributing these materials in October if not earlier. Rahimi was convicted October 16 on eight federal charges in connection with the Chelsea bombing.
Among the inmates Rahimi gave the materials to, prosecutors say, is Sajmir Alimehmeti, who is scheduled to go on trial next month on terrorism-related charges.
Alimehmeti is represented by attorney Sabrina Shroff, who is also on Rahimi's defense team. Kim wrote to Berman asking for a hearing to make sure Rahimi "has knowingly waived the potential conflict of interest that exists between [Rahimi] and his attorneys."

Hunger strike

Rahimi also says he's on a hunger strike. In an undated handwritten letter to Berman, Rahimi states that he began a hunger strike on December 8 out of protest because he says his wife and children have not been able to visit him since the end of his trial.
"I am on a short time because my sentencing date is on January 18, 2018. Because of this short time and the frustration I have decided to go on a hunger strike," Rahimi wrote.
Berman received the letter December 21 and has ordered attorneys for both the government and defense to respond, according to court documents.
Rahimi was arrested and charged after a pressure cooker bomb went off in New York's Chelsea neighborhood on September 17, 2016. A second pressure cooker bomb was found a few blocks away, on 27th Street, but didn't detonate.
Earlier the same day, a bomb went off near the start of a Marine Corps charity run in Seaside Park, New Jersey.
After a two-week trial and roughly four hours of jury deliberation, Rahimi was convicted of charges including the use and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, bombing a public place, destroying property by means of fire or explosives, and using a destructive device in furtherance of a crime of violence.
During the trial, the prosecution presented evidence -- including DNA and fingerprints -- linking Rahimi to the bombs that were placed in New Jersey and New York.
Rahimi faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison, according to an earlier statement from Kim.
Rahimi faces separate charges in other jurisdictions in connection with the bomb that went off in Seaside Park, a backpack containing improvised explosive devices found the following day at a transit station in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and a shootout he had with police before being taken into custody.

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Homeland Security says chain migration let terrorism-related suspects into U.S.

Homeland Security says chain migration let terrorism-related suspects into U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security said chain migration is the common element in two cases allegedly tied to terrorism activities, according to a statement released Saturday.
In the statement on Twitter, Acting Press Secretary Tyler Houlton said DHS “can confirm the suspect involved in a terror attack in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and another suspect arrested on terror-related money laundering charges were both beneficiaries of extended family chain migration.”
Chain migration is when an immigrant gains legal entry into the U.S. via sponsorship by a family member who’s already a legal resident or citizen. The Trump administration launched a campaign against the immigration system, in favor of a more merit-based structure, favoring education and job potential as factors.
The memo referred to Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, who it said was a naturalized U.S. citizen admitted to the U.S. from Egypt on a family-based visa. El-Mofty went on a shooting spree Friday in Harrisburg and was reportedly targeting police officers.
The gunman, carrying two rifles and a shotgun, fired at officers in multiple locations.
"He fired several shots at a Capitol police officer and at a Pennsylvania state police trooper in marked vehicles," Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said. The state trooper was injured but is “doing well,” he said.
El-Mofty pursued the trooper to a residential neighborhood and encountered law enforcement officers, who ultimately killed him after he fired “many shots” at them.
The statement also mentioned Zoobia Shahnaz, who DHS said was a naturalized U.S. citizen who entered from Pakistan, also on a family-based visa. Shahnaz was indicted on Dec. 14 after she allegedly laundered more than $85,000 through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies overseas to the Islamic State.
Acquiring the money through fraudulently obtained credit cards and a bank loan, Shahnaz laundered the funds to people in Pakistan, China and Turkey and “planned to travel to Syria and join ISIS,” federal officials said.
Shahnaz was charged in federal court with bank fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and three counts of money laundering, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
In the DHS statement Saturday, Houlton said, “These incidents highlight the Trump administration’s concerns with extended chain migration.”
“Both chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program have been exploited by terrorists to attack our country,” Houlton said. “Not only are the programs less effective at driving economic growth than merit-based immigration systems used by nearly all other countries, the programs make it more difficult to keep dangerous people out of the United States and to protect the safety of every American.”


Child killed in police shootout identified, suspect found unarmed

SCHERTZ, Texas – A 6-year-old boy and a suspect are dead after deputies engaged in a shootout in Schertz with a known felon who was found unarmed.
A half mile pursuit on Dec. 21 led deputies to the Pecan Grove mobile home park where they opened fire on a woman who had several outstanding felony warrants.
Sheriff Javier Salazar said a young boy was struck in the abdomen and killed by a stray bullet during the shootout. The woman was allegedly on the porch of the boy’s home when he was hit. The boy has been identified as Kameron Prescott by the Bexar County Medical Examiner. 
The incident began when police received a call about a woman trying to steal a car. According to Salazar, the unidentified woman was found hiding in a closet at an apartment complex. A deputy told investigators the suspect indicated to him that she had a weapon and was going to shoot him.
After allegedly showing the deputy a gun, the woman ran towards a wooded area igniting a two hour pursuit. During the case, deputies, witnesses and a helicopter all reported seeing the woman with a gun.
At one point she crossed Cibola Creek and was chased by K9 officers to the mobile home park. Witnesses told police she was trying to get into trailers and threatening people.
"I was just sitting out back on my porch, playing with my cats. My friend texted me and just said don't go outside. I was like why and she was like there's a shooting going on by your house,' said neighbor Alexis Juarez.
As officers approached the woman on the porch of the boy’s home, the sheriff said she made them fear for their lives. At one point the helicopter patrol told officers she was reaching for her waistband. Several shots were fired by four deputies, hitting the woman who fell down and died at the scene.
Salazar said a weapon was not found on the suspect’s body.
The young boy was taken to the University Hospital where he died. Investigators said at this time they do not know if the boy was hit by a deputy’s bullet.


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Mistrial in case against rancher Cliven Bundy, sons and militiaman

Judge declares mistrial in case against rancher Cliven Bundy, sons and militiaman

Cliven Bundy at an event in Bunkerville, Nev., in 2015. (John Locher/AP)

A federal judge declared a mistrial Wednesday in the criminal conspiracy case against rancher Cliven Bundy and three other defendants, saying government lawyers suppressed key evidence that would have been favorable to the defendants’ case related to a 2014 standoff with federal agents.
U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro determined that the prosecution suppressed evidence from FBI surveillance cameras recording the Bundy family home and the presence of Bureau of Land Management snipers around the property in the days leading up to the standoff there. Additionally, the prosecution did not provide FBI logs, maps, reports and threat assessments that said the Bundy family was not dangerous.
Navarro pointed to assessments conducted by the FBI, the Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center and the BLM that said “the Bundy family is not violent” and that they “would probably get in your face, but not get into a shootout.”
The court “regrettably believes a mistrial is the only suitable option,” Navarro told the packed Nevada courtroom. “A fair trial at this point is impossible.”
The case accused Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and Montana militiaman Ryan Payne of conspiring to commit a crime against BLM officers during the armed standoff near the family ranch in Nevada.
Navarro spoke of several reports that were also kept from the defense that showed that the Bundy family’s cows — which had been illegally grazing on public lands for more than 20 years when the BLM orchestrated a roundup of the cattle — had “no detrimental impact on Desert Tortoise habitat.” The tortoise is listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act.
Such details cast doubt on the government’s portrait of the family as violent, paranoid, anti-government extremists. But Navarro noted to the courtroom that declaring a mistrial does not mean that the men are being found not guilty.
“That is not the court’s decision,” Navarro said. “It is for a jury to decide.”
As of Wednesday evening, Cliven Bundy was still incarcerated, but his attorney, Bret Whipple, said he planned to file an emergency motion to see his client released from jail without conditions. The Bundy family patriarch, along with other defendants, was granted conditional release earlier this month, but Cliven Bundy chose to stay in jail until he was allowed to leave without GPS monitoring, which Bundy said would “acknowledge that he did something wrong,” Whipple said.
Both sides have until Dec. 29 to file briefs on whether the judge should allow the government to pursue a new trial.
“I do not think there is a jury in this country that will convict us,” Ammon Bundy said outside the courthouse, an arm slung around his mother’s shoulders as he spoke to reporters. “The truth is on our side.”
The mistrial “does bring a lot of vindication to us,” he said, noting that Navarro “talked about our family, my dad, how he wasn’t prone to use violence. My dad has said that many, many times. He’s not a violent man. He’s a man of peace. He only wanted his rights to be protected.”
Supporters of the Bundy family streamed to the Nevada desert in the spring of 2014 after videos of BLM agents using a stun gun on Ammon Bundy and throwing his aunt to the ground went viral. The family put a call out for supporters to come to their aid in what they felt was an illegal roundup of their cattle.
A mistrial is, in some ways, the latest in a string of victories for the Bundy family.
Last fall, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, as well as other defendants, were acquitted of nearly identical charges for their 41-day armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January 2016, a federal facility they said should be returned to the people of the southeastern Oregon county.
In a separate trial this year over the 2014 standoff, several men were acquitted by a jury.
Ryan Bundy, who represented himself in both Oregon and Nevada, told reporters that the family’s decision to stand up against what they saw as federal tyranny was informed by their belief in the scripture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, particularly the “white horse prophecy,” which contends that LDS followers will be the final defenders of the U.S. Constitution. The LDS church has continually condemned the actions of the Bundy family and says that the white horse prophecy is not accepted doctrine and more akin to conspiracy theory.
But on Wednesday, Ryan Bundy spoke of the prophecy as truth: “Joseph Smith prophesied that the Constitution would at some point hang as if it were by a thread,” he said. “Put it this way: Whether the church calls it doctrine or not, we’ve got quotes from several prophets reiterating that. . . . I take the words of the prophets both modern and previous ones seriously.”

After the mistrial was declared, Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, yelled into a bullhorn outside the courthouse: “Public lands belong to everybody! Not just to people who have the biggest guns!” Around him, Bundy supporters jeered in response.
“There are no public lands!” one woman yelled. “The government has the biggest guns!” another man countered

Monday, December 11, 2017


Uzi: The Israeli Machine Gun That Conquered the World

Outside of Israel the Uzi proliferated widely, contributing to its global image. Countries as diverse as Japan, Germany, Belgium, Peru and Brazil all used the Uzi in their armed forces, as well as producing it under license. The Uzi wormed its way into a variety of Third World conflicts, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, was active in antirevolutionary conflicts in Central and South America, and became an object of desire in the United States among criminal gangs.
One of the most recognizable weapons of the postwar era came from one of the newest nation-states. The Uzi submachine gun was designed to be a simple, inexpensive weapon that would overcome the logistical problems of a ragtag army turning professional. In doing so it became a commercial success, exported far and wide and a legend among postwar small arms.
The story of the Uzi goes back to 1948 and the birth of Israel. Declared a nation in May 1948, the young country was immediately attacked by its Arab neighbors—Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Transjordan. Various Israeli paramilitary organizations, particularly the Haganah militia, coalesced into the Israeli Defense Forces, the country’s armed forces. Despite being outnumbered and often outgunned, the IDF successfully defended the country.
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All in all, the IDF repelled the Arab world’s combined assault with just two hundred machine guns, ten thousand rifles and 3,600 submachine guns. The IDF’s victory came despite its reliance on a motley collection of surplus small arms from around the world, from British small arms and Enfield rifles to surplus Axis equipment—particularly from Czechoslovakia. Some of Israel’s earliest defenders used their own civilian sporting rifles and shotguns. This prevented universal training and was a logistical nightmare, as the different weapons used dozens of different ammunition types.
Israel’s network of allies—and enemies—had yet to coalesce, and acquiring arms abroad was a tricky (and sneaky) business. Much of the country’s armaments, even fighter planes, were acquired via smuggling. The country was also very poor and could not afford the latest arms. The solution was to take advantage of the country’s highly educated citizens, constant near-war footing and many veterans of World War II, and create an arms industry of its own.
In 1952, a Israeli of German descent, Lt. Uziel Gal, patented a new machine gun design. The gun was short and compact, with a metal stock that folded up above the upper receiver. It took a twenty-five- or thirty-two-round magazine that was inserted vertically into the pistol grip. It utilized a simple blowback design, firing either semiautomatic or automatic at a relatively slow rate of six hundred rounds a minute. It had a simple sight, protected in both the front and the rear from being dented or bashed. The gun even had three safety mechanisms: a manual lever safety, a grip safety not unlike the one built into the 1911 pistols and a bolt safety. The gun was named Uzi, after the creator.
There were a number of advantages to the Uzi that made it an effective submachine gun. Firstly, it used stamped parts, making it easy and inexpensive to mass-produce—an important feature for a poor country without a lot of industry. Second, the placement of the magazine in the middle of the weapon made it well balanced, much like a pistol. The safety mechanisms made it easier to train and entrust to conscripts and recruits without much military training. Finally, the ability to spray nine-millimeter parabellum rounds at six hundred rounds a minute gave the user the ability to put out a large volume of suppressive fire.
Contrary to popular belief, the Uzi was not the standard weapon of Israeli infantry. The weapon’s short range—its sights maxed out at just two hundred yards—made it useful in built-up, urban areas, but much less useful in open, rolling terrain, where a full-sized battle rifle would be much more useful. The bulk of the IDF carried the Belgian FN-FAL rifle, while the Uzi went to paratroopers, tank and armored-vehicle crews, and special-forces units.
The IDF placed its first orders for the Uzi in 1954. The submachine gun’s baptism by fire occurred in 1956, when Israeli paratroopers of Unit 202 sized the Mitla Pass in the Sinai Peninsula. The paratroopers cleared out Sudanese and Egyptian forces from in and around the pass in support of a larger offensive to take the Sinai, and the compact, high-firepower Uzi proved useful in clearing Egyptian troops out of nearby caves. During the 1956 war, the Uzi was used in the Sinai desert once against Egyptians, in the streets and alleys of the West Bank against Jordanian troops, and in the Golan Heights against Syrians.

'New' M4A1 Rifles - Here's What They Can Do

The Army's Has Over 100,000 'New' M4A1 Rifles - Here's What They Can Do

Despite the fact that the particular M4A1+ effort did not move forward, Army officials explain that market surveys regarding improvements to the weapon will continue; in addition, Army developers explain that the service is consistently immersed in effort to identify and integrate emerging technologies into the rifle as they become available. As a result, it is entirely conceivable that the Army will explore new requirements and technologies for the M4A1 as time goes on.
The US Army has now produced at least 117,000 battle-tested, upgraded M4A1 rifles engineered to more quickly identify, attack and destroy enemy targets with full auto-capability, consistent trigger-pull and a slightly heavier barrel, service officials said.
The service’s so-called M4 Product Improvement Program, or PIP, is a far-reaching initiative to upgrade the Army’s entire current inventory of M4 rifles into higher-tech, durable and more lethal M4A1 weapons, Army spokesman Pete Rowland, spokesman for PM Soldier Weapons, told Scout Warrior in an interview.
“The heavier barrel is more durable and has greater capacity to maintain accuracy and zero while withstanding the heat produced by high volumes of fire. New and upgraded M4A1s will also receive ambidextrous fire control,” an Army statement said.
To date, the Army has completed more than 117,000 M4A1 upgrades on the way to the eventual transformation of more than 480,000 M4 rifles. The service recently marked a milestone of having completed one-fourth of its intended upgrades to benefit Soldiers in combat.
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The Army is planning to convert all currently fielded M4 carbines to M4A1 carbines; approximately 483,000,” Rowland said. “Most of the enhancements resulted from Soldier surveys conducted over time.”
Rowland explained that the PIP involves a two-pronged effort; one part involves depot work to quickly transform existing M4s into M4A1s alongside a commensurate effort to acquire new M4A1 weapons from FN Herstal and Colt.
Army developers explain that conversions to the M4A1 represents the latest iteration in a long-standing service effort to improve the weapon.
“We continuously perform market research and maintain communications with the user for continuous improvements and to meet emerging requirements,” Army statements said.
The Army has already made more than 90 performance “Engineering Change Proposals” to the M4 Carbine since its introduction, an Army document describes.
“Improvements have been made to the trigger assembly, extractor spring, recoil buffer, barrel chamber, magazine and bolt, as well as ergonomic changes to allow Soldiers to tailor the system to meet their needs,” and Army statement said.
Today’s M4 is quite different “under the hood” than its predecessors and tomorrow’s M4A1 will be even further refined to provide Soldiers with an even more effective and reliable weapon system, Army statements said.
The M4A1 is also engineered to fire the emerging M885A1 Enhanced Performance Round, .556 ammunition designed with new, better penetrating and more lethal contours to exact more damage upon enemy targets.
“The M4A1 has improvements which take advantage of the M885A1. The round is better performing and is effective against light armor,” an Army official told Scout Warrior.
Prior to the emergence of the M4A1 program, the Army had planned to acquire a new M4; numerous tests, industry demonstrations and requirements development exercises informed this effort, including a “shoot off” among potential suppliers.
Before its conversion into the M4A1, the M4 -  while a battle tested weapon and known for many success – had become controversial due to combat Soldier complaints, such as reports of the weapon “jamming.”
Future M4 Rifle Improvements?
While Army officials are not yet discussing any additional improvements to the M1A4 or planning to launch a new program of any kind, service officials do acknowledge ongoing conceptual discussion regarding ways to further integrate emerging technology into the weapon.
Within the last few years, the Army did conduct a “market survey” with which to explore a host of additional upgrades to the M4A1; These previous considerations, called the M4A1+ effort, analyzed by Army developers and then shelved. Among the options explored by the Army and industry included the use of a “flash suppressor,” camoflauge, removable iron sights and a single-stage trigger, according to numerous news reports and a formal government solicitation.
The M4A1+ effort was designed to look for add-on components that will "seamlessly integrate with the current M4A1 Carbine ... without negatively impacting or affecting the performance or operation of the M4A1 weapon," a FedBizOpps document states.
Additional details of the M4A1+ effort were outlined in a a report from’s Matt Cox.

How & Where to Buy Gold Coins (2017 Buying Guide)

How & Where to Buy Gold Coins (2017 Buying Guide)

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver
There’s nothing quite like holding a gold coin in your hand. And owning some real gold offers a number of ­­­­­advantages you simply can’t get with other investments. And since gold is a natural hedge against the stock market, it’s an excellent way to diversify, too.
This article will cover the basic do’s and don’ts of buying gold coins, including the advantages of owning them, the best gold coins to buy, the best places to buy (including if you should buy online or on eBay), and how to avoid getting ripped off. With a few simple guidelines you’ll be on your way to owning one of mankind’s longest-living assets.
Let’s start with something about gold coins that many investors aren’t aware of…
The Many Reasons for Buying Gold Coins
Gold offers benefits far beyond the fact that its price can rise.
Considerable all the advantages you gain by buying gold coins. Gold is…
• A tangible asset. You can hold $50,000 of gold coins in your hand, which you can’t do with most any other investment. It can’t be destroyed by fire, water, or even time. And unlike other commodities, gold coins don’t need feeding, fertilizer, or maintenance.
• Free of counterparty risk. Gold coins require no paper contract to be made whole. Gold is the only financial asset that is not simultaneously some other entity’s liability. It doesn't require the backing of any bank or government.
• Highly liquid. Gold coins can be sold virtually anywhere in the world. There are gold dealers in just about every major city on the planet. And in a crisis, gold will be in high demand. Other collectibles, like artwork, take longer to sell, have a smaller customer base, and will likely entail a big commission.
• Value dense. You can hold $50,000 in gold coins in the palm of your hand. Gold coins take up such little space that you can store more value of them in a safe deposit box than stacks of dollar bills.
• Private and confidential. How many assets can you say that about in today’s world? You must pay taxes on any gain, of course, but if you want a little privacy or confidentiality, just buy some gold coins!
• Portable. You can take gold coins with you wherever you go in the world.
• A store of value. The gold price fluctuates, of course but its value is timeless. Consider that gold retains its purchasing power over long periods of time, while the US dollar, for example, has lost 98% of its purchasing power since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. And since gold will outlast you, it is an ideal asset to pass on to your heirs.
By the way, it’s a faulty argument that gold doesn’t produce any income. That’s not gold’s role. Its function is as money and a store of value, similar to a currency. That’s also why it shouldn’t be viewed as a commodity; it doesn’t get used up, like oil or corn. In other words, gold is money!
• Can’t be hacked or erased. It’s probably not a good idea to keep all your wealth in digital form today. That’s easy to do if you own some gold coins.
• Requires no specialized knowledge. If you don’t know how to spot a real diamond, aren’t familiar with the painter Van Gogh, or don’t collect comic books, just buy some gold bullion. No special skills or training needed.
• Comes with low maintenance and carrying costs. Even if you pay for storage, compare that to the costs and taxes and headaches of, say, real estate. You don’t even need a stock broker to buy and sell gold coins.
The Best Gold Coins to Buy
There are a lot of gold coins on the market. But they all fall into two basic categories: standard bullion coins, or numismatic (rare) coins.
Bullion coins simply refer to gold coins that are made almost exclusively from precious metal, in this case gold. Their attraction is that they consist of highly refined gold and are viewed primarily as an investment. Some bullion coins have an alloy to make the coin more durable, since gold is a “soft” metal. Bullion coins are not regarded as a “collector” coin, which is a different class of coin (though all gold is taxed as a collectible).
You can buy bullion coins from a number of government mints that produce them each year. These are generally referred to as “sovereign” coins, meaning they are manufactured (and in most cases guaranteed) by that government. They also come with a face value (except the South African Krugerrand). These face values are mostly symbolic at this point, since the gold content of the coin makes them worth a lot more than the value printed on the coin. But each government guarantees they will always be worth the amount stated.
Private mints also make gold coins, called “rounds.” While usually of good quality, they don’t come with a face value or the same government backing. This makes them less attractive than sovereign gold coins, and thus the popularity of gold rounds is limited not high (this is not the case for silver rounds).
Numismatic coins refers to rare coins, ones that are bought and sold by collectors. Unlike bullion coins, their value isn’t based on the gold content, but rather on their rarity and condition. Their premiums (or mark-ups) are usually much higher than bullion coins, and can stretch into the thousands of dollars (and in some cases, millions!).
The best rule of thumb on whether to buy numismatic coins is this:
•  Unless you plan to become a coin collector, avoid numismatics.
The reason is simple: if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to pay a whole lot more than you should. Some dealers will try to convince you to buy them, claiming they’ll someday be worth more or would be exempt in a confiscation. These things may or may not come to pass, so these arguments are really just sales tactics. The bigger reason they want to talk you out of bullion coins and into rare coins is because they make a lot more money on them! Sales commissions are much higher on numismatics, which of course you pay for. My advice is don’t get talked into rare coins (or if you’d like to collect historic coins, get educated first).
Proof coins are another form of numismatics. These are high relief coins and are very eye-appealing, but also come with high mark-ups. Again, these are geared for collectors, and unless that’s what you want to be, you don’t need to buy these when you invest in gold.
“Semi-numismatic” coins is another term you might hear. This is more of a marketing term than anything else, and basically refers to gold coins (and more frequently silver coins) that are made to be collector coins but don’t yet have the historical significance of a true numismatic. They may or may not be worth more someday, but should not be viewed as a replacement for bullion. They are still part of the collector’s world, and as such you will pay more for them than standard bullion.
Because coin collecting is a different animal, there are many coin dealers that don’t sell numismatic coins at all (including GoldSilver). They don’t offer collector coins because, well, they’re not collectors, and also because they just don’t feel comfortable selling over-priced products to investors when all most investors need is bullion.
By the way, you’ll sometimes see a coin marked “BU.” This stands for “Brilliant Uncirculated.” It just means it’s a brand new coin, never before sold. If you’re buying the current year coin, it will be BU. Past years can be BU, too, if they were never sold. These older-dated gold coins are usually referred to as “common date” coins, or listed on a website as “year of our choice.” Again these are fine if they’re BU. If a coin is not BU, you might as well look for one that is, since they’re plentiful. All of our gold coins here at GoldSilver are BU.  

There’s one more element that will help us identify the best gold coins to buy—and that’s being prepared to sell…
As an investor, you want to buy something that won’t just rise in value, but that will also be easy to sell. That’s generally easy to do in the stock market, as most stocks are highly liquid. But you’ve probably heard that some stocks have very low volume, which can make them tricky to sell. The same thing is true with gold coins: you want a class of coins that will be easy to sell. You want to avoid a product that could experience a delay when it’s sold, or cost you more than you expected, or won’t have a lot of buyers.
And those are exactly the concerns with rare coins. You could experience delays when you attempt to sell them—the dealer or buyer might want to confirm its value or authenticity, for example. Or they may offer you less premium than you paid. Or they may not want to buy it at all. On top of this, you have a much smaller pool of interested customers, as many investors are not coin collectors.
Sovereign coins, on the other hand, are easily recognizable literally the world over, can always be sold for the price of gold, and will have plenty of customers.
Add it all up and…
•  All investors should start by buying sovereign gold coins.
Government (sovereign) coins are the most widely known around the world and thus will be the easiest to sell. Even if you don’t sell them but pass them on to your heirs, they will need something that’s easy to sell.
So the golden rule when buying gold coins is this: buy the most common or popular items, so that you have high liquidity when the time to sell comes.
Here’s a summary table of the differences between bullion coins and collector coins:
Sovereign Gold Coins Numismatic (Collector) Gold Coins 
Value is based strictly on gold content.Price depends mostly on rarity and condition.
Pricing is straightforward and transparent—what is today’s price of gold? That’s the value of your gold coin.Pricing is subject to many factors. Deception is possible and novice buyers can be easily fooled. 
 Easy to sell, even in an emergency.  Selling could be subject to delays. Liquidity is lower.
Millions of potential customers. Can be sold anywhere in the world. Buyers are limited to other collectors.
Standard gold bullion coins are mankind’s oldest form of crisis or wealth insurance. History shows gold in coin form is a strong investment.Claims of greater future worth or protection from confiscation may not materialize. Buying rare coins is a speculation, similar to artwork. 
Very little knowledge needed to buy bullion coins.Study and education is a must. Also have to stay up on industry changes. 

It’s easy to see that the average gold investor should stick to, or at least start with, common bullion coins.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

CIA Insider Launches Urgent Mission to Expose Government’s Secret “Ice-Nine” Plan

CIA Insider Launches Urgent Mission to Expose Government’s Secret “Ice-Nine” Plan
DO NOT deposit
another dollar into your bank account until you read this book!
“Once you see the government’s secret plan to freeze your money you’ll understand why I’m sending a FREE copy of my new book to any American who answers below...”
Dear Reader,
Hi, Jim Rickards here…
You may know me as the best-selling author of two New York Times best-selling books: Currency Wars and The Death of Money warning about the coming collapse of our financial system…
As well as the best-selling modern day authority on the importance of gold in today’s monetary system, The New Case for Gold...
I have a high profile on popular financial TV, print and online media outlets…
Turn on the TV and tune into CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg or RT and you’ll likely see me on the channel.
But that’s where my similarities with my peers end.
Because my credibility reaches far, far deeper than anyone else you know…
My work as a currency war advisor for the Pentagon, CIA and national intelligence brings me into direct contact with the top echelons of the U.S. power structure.
They’ve given me access to their most closely held information, too.
And what I’ve discovered as a consequence of my access has floored me:
  • If you have a single dollar to your name…
  • In a stock brokerage account or 401(k)...
  • If any payments are direct-deposited into your bank account whether it be Social Security checks... your paycheck… pension payment… or anything else...
  • Your wealth, your freedom and much more are at grave risk right now.
That’s why, for a limited time, I’m rushing a FREE copy of my brand new hardcover book, called The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis to the doorstep of any U.S. citizen with a valid mailing address. (All I ask is that you pay $4.95 to help us cover the cost of shipping and handling.)
Do not let another dollar hit your bank account before claiming and reading this book.
My Fourth and Most
Important Work to Date…
Before I tell you why I’m sending this book to any American who answers below, let me be clear about what my new book, The Road to Ruin is NOT.
  • My book isn’t a doom-and-gloom account of how the world’s coming to an end (you can find 1,000’s of those kinds of blogs online for free)...
  • It’s not a tipsheet that’s going to give you a list of stocks to run out to buy to “get rich quick” (its contents are worth far more than one hundred amazing stock tips)...
  • And it’s not a political piece about what Congress and President-elect Trump needs to do to save America (the financial system is past the point of no return)...
Instead, it reveals a terrifying plan policymakers and influencers have for your money and family that I’ve uncovered…
It’s one they've been preparing for years…
And that I’ve only uncovered as a consequence of my high-level access and connections.
You just need to know two words.
Two words that will give them total and absolute control over you and every single cent of money you have during the next financial crisis.
Remember these two words… and remember, you heard them here first:
Here’s how I like to explain it…
When what I call the Ice-Nine plan goes into effect, your money in your bank account… your stock brokerage account… your retirement plan…
Will be like a beautiful Cartier jewel in a glass case in a museum…
You’ll be able to look at it…
But you can’t touch it…
And you don’t own it…
Scary to think about, right?
During the next crisis there will be a coordinated world-wide plan to freeze EVERYTHING you own.
Your savings account… FROZEN (you won’t be able to withdraw anything.)
Your brokerage account… FROZEN (you won’t be able to sell anything.)
Your retirement account account… FROZEN (all that “safe” money you thought you had will be gone.)
Your money market account… safety deposit box… bank owned vault…
That’s the "Ice-Nine" plan in a nutshell.
And it’s 100% true... and could be coming to your bank SOON.
But you’re probably wondering… Why does this "Ice-Nine" plan even exist?
Good question...
You don’t have to be a Nobel laureate in economics to see that the greatest financial crisis in history is about to slam America…
Everything that made 2008 terrible is a downright nightmare today…
  • All of those “too-big-to-fail” banks that caused the 2008 crisis are 38% bigger today…
  • All of the risky “derivative” bets the banks made that also went bad in 2008 are more numerous and riskier than ever before
  • And since the 2008 crisis the combined debt has risen by $10 trillion… with the Congressional Budget Office projecting it’ll hit $23 trillion over the coming years...
But there’s one BIG difference between the crisis up ahead… and the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.
What is the government going to do next time the system collapses?
Spend $10 trillion or even $20 trillion to save the system?
No. They can’t.
Listen, as the government’s trusted financial threat advisor, I can tell you this with 100% certainty:
*** The Treasury and the Federal Reserve are tapped out and have used all of their options.
The government may not have the money it needs to bail-out the financial system, like it did in 2008. But 300 million Americans like you DO have the money… collectively.
It’s in your savings accounts… 401(k)’s… in our brokerage accounts and money market funds… heck, even in your grandchildren's piggybanks! That’s the end-game of this Ice-Nine plan:
They're going to steal YOUR money, outright.
Of course it’s more nuanced and secretive than that…
Before they steal it, there will be a coordinate world-wide freeze on all money.
And that’s the Ice-Nine event I’ve been showing you.
Believe me, these elites don’t want you to know what they're up to…
But that’s why I wrote The Road to Ruin.
To expose these global elites secret plan for your money and your family…
And make sure you have the resources to prepare and protect what’s yours.
Yes, this book may scare you.
It may shock you.
And I know one thing for certain…
*** It’s going to help protect you.
The full price of a hardcopy of The Road to Ruin is $23.03.
That’s the full-list price right now on (If you found it listed outside of Amazon, it might be much higher...)
The book has already hit the #1 best-selling book in economics, and it’s barely been in bookstores yet!
And considering that The Road to Ruin gives you advance warning about the secret plan the global elites have to steal your wealth outright, it’s probably worth 100x that price…
But there was one thing that scared me even more than the global elite’s Ice-Nine plan to steal your wealth…
It was how woefully unprepared most Americans for this secret plan to steal their wealth.
Most of them -- and probably you -- will be devastated when it suddenly and surprisingly takes effect and your hard-earned money is gone forever.
I can’t stand by and do nothing to warn people.
That’s why I’m sending you my book for free.
All you’ll pay is the small $4.95 shipping charge to get the book to your doorstep.
After all…
I Consider It My Personal Duty to Help You
Protect Yourself
My father was a marine who fought in Peleliu, and Okinawa and occupied China in World War II…
Like him, I’ve also answered the call of duty when the U.S. government asked me to prepare the country against financial attack.
I have three children…
Three grandchildren…
And I wrote this book for them.
What you’ll find inside are the same things I’m telling my family…
And what I’d love to tell you, too.
Bottom line is this:
I love my country and feel as though I have a responsibility to myself, my family and to you to share the information that I’m privileged to have because of my place inside the system.
That’s why I’ve coordinated with my publishers to send any U.S. residents (with a valid U.S. mailing address) to claim a FREE hardcopy of my new book (you’ll pay just $4.95 to help us cover the cost of shipping).
But before I show you how to claim your free copy let me tell you a little bit more about the revelations between its covers:
  • The U.S. government’s "Ice-Nine" plan to steal your wealth and prevent you from getting your cash. (The president, Treasury secretary and Federal Reserve chair are all colluding with world leaders to implement this plan to freeze and steal your wealth outright.) If you have a dollar to your name, you need to read page 22.
  • The government doesn’t have to FORBID you to sell stocks, bonds and ETFs during the next crisis. It has a secret way to spy on you and PRESSURE you not to sell. Read all about it on page 21.
  • The “Brisbane Rules” that could instantly transform any cash you have into what’s called “forced shares of stock.” They're exactly that… a piece of paper you don’t want and you never asked for. (Obama approved these rules with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on November 15, 2014, with few if any Americans knowing about it.) Don’t let them do this to you — see page 25.
  • The secret program for controlling citizens used by elites and leaders from Caesar and Napoleon to Rockefeller and Roosevelt... through both Bushes and Obama. If you think this is some conspiracy theory, you better flip to page 58 immediately, where I expose these elites by name, along with their real agenda.
  • On page 59, I reveal the global elites’ shocking plan for your physical gold. (Spoiler alert: It's NOT to recreate a gold standard. Far from it.)
  • A tool to steal your wealth that, when revealed to Americans, will cause confusion, stealth financial losses and dismay. Start at the top of page 68 to get the full story.
  • A brand-new bond and derivative market that will arise from the ashes of the next financial crisis. (Such a market has never existed in man's history. And it could eventually replace America’s Treasury market as the world’s safe haven — forever ending the dollar’s dominance and YOUR standard of living.) You need to know about this in advance because the potential for a positive (or negative) impact on your portfolio will be staggering. Page 70.
  • The exact date by which the elites will finally reach their goal of world money under their control. You MUST take immediate and specific action before that. Hurry to page 186.
  • What will become of the dollar after its collapse? Every blogger with an internet connection has talked about the "the death of the dollar," but no one has explained what it means, what replaces it and what happens to YOU afterwards. But I do on page 70.
  • The institution that will decide what the dollar is worth in the near future. (Hint: It is NOT the Federal Reserve, Congress, the U.S. Treasury or the IMF.) Page 70.
  • How the elites’ technical secretariat is preparing to squeeze as much tax as possible from you. The government will land a KO punch in the months ahead… and you’ll have no escape. So please be sure to read page 76.
  • Shocking details of what may be called the “World Citizens Database.” (Prepare for your unique global identifier number.) It will help the global elites make sure you pay your “fair share” in taxes and much more. I show you all the official proof starting on page 77.
  • The New World Order that will be imposed on the entire planet. (Put away the tinfoil hat. This is very real, and it will undermine individual governments and your personal liberty.) The well-documented truth I present on page 86 is much more frightening than any fiction I or anyone else could ever dream up.
  • The climate change “Trojan Horse” the elites are using to mask a troubling plan for you and the world’s taxpayers. Page 88.
  • The biggest flaw in modern finance that has led to trillions of dollars in investor losses. (The solution to make sure you DON’T lose big is on page 101. Strangely, it’s a specific application of a mixture of physics and economics. But don’t worry — it’s not so complicated that you need a Ph.D. to understand it.)
  • My frightening finding about what’s coming for the economy and the market in 2018. The U.S. government granted me a special clearance to report on the similarities between atomic reactions and financial collapses, which led me to the terrible conclusion I’m revealing publicly for the first time on page 98.
  • Has the U.S. been LITERALLY detonating thermonuclear bomb tests in cyberspace? On page 98 I reveal that they have and the surprising reasons why.
  • The one simple sentence that will help you forecast the economy better than 99.9% of the world’s central bankers. This secret will give you a big leg up versus virtually all of your investor friends. Page 115.
  • A new 21st century tool that you and every investor must use to improve your financial returns — especially if you're skeptical of paper money, central banks and the frothy stock market. Please see page 107.
  • A simple system that will enable you to understand why and when violent stock market moves happen. See page 115 immediately if you own any shares of stock whatsoever.
  • Why the risk of our financial system imploding has increased over 100 times… even though the size of the risky derivatives market has only doubled since then. (I know this sounds unbelievable, but I have mathematical proof to back it up. This is a truly important concept I’d like you to read very closely. On page 145.
  • The "strange attractor" phenomenon that will blindside regulators in the next financial crisis. I believe a 2008-style collapse will likely strike in the next 12 months because of this and all the people who claim to be protecting us are really asleep at the wheel! Just see page 148 for the unmistakable proof.
  • When you hear a pundit or broker using this phrase to describe a financial crisis, you should immediately be skeptical. See page 144.
  • The exact names of those on what I call the "Committee to DESTROY the World." Think I’m being paranoid? You won’t after you see page 150.
  • How to inoculate yourself, your family and your wealth against the next financial crisis. If you see this happen, rest easy. The all-weather portfolio superstructure on page 289 is the most crash-proof investment strategy I’ve ever seen.
  • Two little-known acts of Congress that have all but ensured we have a financial crisis within the next 14 months. Page 154.
  • Not for the faint of heart: an institution run by an American that aided the Nazis and is now working hand in glove with elites like President Obama and his administration. Page 65.
  • Jim Rickards' law of Financial WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction — of your wealth). Know what they are or be prepared to be devastated by them. See page 145!
  • How I warned the Treasury in person, just months before the 2008 crisis. And why they're ignoring me again. Page 162.
  • The secret connection between Brexit, stock market corrections and shock devaluations. (It’s all part of the one big crisis headed towards you. And you’ll see why when you go to page 164.)
  • The REAL reason John McCain's presidential campaign team snubbed my urgent warning before the 2008 crisis. Page 167.
  • What a Ben Bernanke confidant revealed to me about the Fed’s surprising plans for the next financial crisis. Page 176.
  • The true threat you face from what's often called the Ph.D. Monetary Standard. (No, it’s not that the central bankers are dumb or malicious. The real reason is far worse.) Page 179.
  • How to tell a bubble you should ride to riches from one you should get out of before it explodes in your face. Page 181.
  • The formula discovered in 1763 that can help you forecast the future... manage your money more profitably... and even could literally save your life. I’ve shown people how to make as much as 141%, 150% and even 165% using this method. I’ve also used it to accurately predict a terrorist plot BEFORE it was thwarted by the authorities. See page 12.
  • Why the Federal Reserve’s outdated predictive modeling system virtually ensures they will be unable to give you any warning whatsoever about upcoming market volatility. Page 186.
  • How something as simple as a gold shipment could send gold prices as high as $10,000 per ounce. And why most gold investors won't benefit from it. Why and when to back up the truck and load up — on page 187.
  • Why the central banks are looking to monopolize gold ownership in the not-too-distant future... page 188.
  • The important difference between the COMMODITY value of gold and the MONEY value of gold — and why it could make you a fortune (or keep you from losing one). Page 188.
  • The shocking epidemic of fake gold in the West. (The Chinese have developed a new yet little-known gold standard to protect themselves.) Please read page 190 and then check to make sure your gold is real and really will protect your wealth.
  • The gold delivery law the U.S. government is deliberately NOT enforcing. This allows gold dealers to continue the greatest gold hoax in history. You must read page 191 and remove yourself from this gold system immediately.
  • Why what are called “illegal forward gold sales” are not reported. Understanding this is important because they make the gold market look far more stable than it actually is. When this is exposed, only a certain type of gold investor will profit massively. Read page 190 if you want to be on the right side of this coming disaster.
  • The two most important gold trading terms (on page 191) that you need to understand before owning a single ounce of gold.
  • “No gold for you!” Why, even if you have fully allocated gold in your name (including the date, weight purity, assay and refiner information of your specific gold), you may still NOT get that hold-in-your-hand physical gold when you ask for it. In fact, you could get a fake. If that makes you uncomfortable, you need to read page 192 immediately.
  • How something called a "phase transition" will trigger the gold spike to $10,000 that skeptical investors have been waiting for. To take advantage of this you will need to move your money into gold in a very specific way. You’ll discover exactly what to do on page 193.
  • Think runs on banks are a thing of the past? Better think again. This new, 21st century twist on the bank run will soon leave most Americans empty-handed. Page 193.
  • Why U.S. dollars are in short supply. Most Americans find this hard to believe because the Fed has printed trillions of new dollars. But the shortage is real and has serious consequences for your bank accounts and brokerage accounts. Page 194.
  • How to understand and prepare for one of the biggest predictions I make in the book: “The Global Liquidation Event.” This is the day of reckoning for many people who hold dollars. It’s on page 194, and it’s not pretty.
Look, I won’t lie to you…
I don’t know exactly when this Ice-Nine freeze will go live.
Most people say: “OK, Jim. Do me a favor… call me at 3:30 the day before this secret “Ice-Nine” plan will go into effect and I’ll move my money to safety”
Even if I did know the answer…
You might not even be able to protect yourself so easily.
You need to understand the risks to your wealth right now… and take steps to prepare…
And The Road to Ruin will give you the tools you need. It’s a guidebook to thinking smarter, acting faster, and living with the comforting knowledge that your wealth is secure.
Except unlike all of the other people promising you protection and peace of mind...
I’ve actually been in secure meeting rooms (called “vaults”) inside the Pentagon.
I’ve worked as a financial warfare advisor to the U.S. government.
I’ve been in the CIA Director’s secure conference room on the seventh floor at Langley headquarters.
I’ve been inside the West Wing of the White House…
I’ve been inside the U.S. Treasury...
I’ve been inside the board room at the Fed – they even ordered a black car from their private fleet to meet me in their secure underground garage at Fed headquarters.
I’m an American lawyer… an economist…and best-selling author…
I’m not some wacko conspiracy theorist that lacks proof.
In fact, I may be the most credible person in America there is on the threats facing you and your wealth.
I don’t say that to be braggadocio, but so that you take my claims here in this letter with the seriousness you need to.
There are over 150 footnotes… and over 83 selected sources in addition.
These sources are almost worth more than the book!
And all of my research points to an official and dangerous plot to freeze and steal your wealth very soon.
And it’s imperative that you read all of it and understand it.
Believe me, if you don’t… no one’s going to do it for you.
The wealthy elite are already looking out for themselves. They've got a plan B for when the the Ice-Nine agenda goes into effect and the everyday citizens of the world revolt.
Think I’m blowing smoke? Take a look at this major news headline:
And this one:
And this one:
The financial system is unstable and ready to collapse.
The elites have their safe hideaways all in order… and a plan to steal your wealth when the crisis hits so they can maintain their positions of power over the world.
My point is: What are YOU waiting for?
You need to get ready… right now.
And there’s only one way to do that...
Claim the Hardback Copy of The Road to Ruin I’ve Reserved for You Today!
I don’t believe you need to hunker down in a safehouse with years worth of canned food and enough guns and ammo to outfit a small army.
That’s not how I live my life. I go on with my day-to-day affairs with peace of mind because I’ve taken steps right now to…
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