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Has this man found a way out of the income tax system?

Has this man found a way out
of the income tax system? 

It's no surprise that the economy is the greatest concern to millennials.
It is almost impossible to beat the King in his own court. That's why so many who try and fight the income tax system end up owing hefty fines and in prison. The deck is stacked. The CPAs, attorneys and judges all benefit from the system. They are the system. The judges are employees of the state. Withtomorrow being Tax Day, it is all-important that we understand the system for what it really is and what it is not. First off, put the notion from your head that taxes are about funding government. Nothing could be further from the truth. Secondly, put the notion from your head that income tax is a constitutional issue. It is not. Constitutional arguments have never won in the King's court.
Modern states all have paper currencies, a debt money system. All forms of government money represent debt. Modern governments could not and would not exist without the power to create debt money plus the income tax system.
Do you not think you are in debt if you have money?
Take a dollar out of your wallet right now and have a look at the bill. At the very top, in big block letters it reads "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE." A note, dear reader, is a debt. Do you think that it means the government owes you $1 or $5 worth of gold or silver? Surely not, although it used to.
No, the purpose of modern paper currencies (all forms, including computer symbols) is to transfer wealth to the government without payment by the government. The federal government creates modern "money" out of nothing and "pays" it into circulation for something. In other words, the government gets money (any amount of it) first, and passes it into the "economy" for goods and services. Government spenders get the most value from it before prices rise. This is the same as saying that the government actually pays for nothing. It transfers wealth and production to itself FREE through its position as the money creator. It pays not one penny for it, or its use!
Why then the "income tax?" The purpose of the "income tax" is to cover the fraud or to conceal the fraud that massive wealth is being transferred to the government without payment. This cover-up conceals the fact that since the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s "greenbacks," paper money is the means of financing all wars and all means and methods of suppressing human liberty, including Christianity.
The vast wealth of governments comes from the creation of money, not from income tax. Why would governments need our income tax if they can create any amount of "money"?
The answer is they don’t need our "income tax" money, but they have to have the "income tax" system to cover their money creation fraud. In other words, the people must believe that their "income taxes" are necessary to support government. All must pay their "fair share." So important is the "income tax system" as a cover-up that it is regulated by threat, coercion, mass brainwashing and a whole system of witchcraft called the tax code. Remember, governments have to conceal their greatest secret, their money machine.
As stated above, the "income tax" is not a constitutional issue. It is a system of Phariseeism promoting general and widespread social depravity and spiritual immorality. It is indeed a spiritual deception.
That governments print money is no state secret. Then why do so few question the meaning of the income tax?
Little children are taught to "pay income tax" in school. All the propaganda says "pay your fair share." It is a complete and absolute brainwash and so big as to defy inquiry. The system is inbred.
Though the income tax is not necessary as a source of government funds in a paper economy, it is very important as a system of regulation. It promotes class warfare and privilege. The government and its politicians can discriminate or favor with the income tax system.
The income tax is a system of entrapment. It has entrapped the American people into merchant law. The very minute you identify yourself as a "taxpayer" by signing a 1040 form, you are immediately under merchant law.
In his 1992 book, "Become A Nontaxpayer And Save," Floyd Wright says, "The greatest secret never told is that the American people have been conned into a contractual agreement with the federal government under the pretense of paying income taxes."
He says that the reason that patriots have gotten entangled in the IRS trap is because they always have tried to use constitutional issues.
Mr. Wright says, "When we execute a 1040 form, we are executing a negotiable instrument. This makes us a merchant and as a merchant, the act of completing a 1040 form completes a contractual agreement and a contractual obligation. This act clearly puts us under the Uniform Commercial Code. Therefore, any pleadings based on the Constitution are frivolous and misplaced."
The American people are victims of a massive entrapment scheme that has conned them out of billions of dollars, as well as millions of hours of recordkeeping and loss of freedom. Federal judges and U.S. attorneys have all conspired against human rights by failing to inform the people of the nature of income tax entrapment.
An Oregon man named Michael Bowman may have found an out – and from an unlikely angle. Bowman describes himself as a Christian and abortion opponent. He says he is refusing to give his money over to a government that funds abortion.
Bowman, a contract engineer who lives in Columbia City, tells Oregonlive.comhe's been up front with the Internal Revenue Service, refusing to file a tax return or pay taxes since 1999 without some accommodation afforded to him for his religious beliefs.
Prosecutors alleged that Bowman hasn't filed an accurate or timely income tax return since at least 1997. He was sent notices from the IRS beginning in 2002 informing him that his federal taxes were "owed" and that there would be penalties, collection actions and liens if he didn’t comply. An indictment was handed down indicating he owed $356,857 for the years 1999-2009. And then the Oregon Department of Revenue began garnishing (stealing) money from his bank account.
Bowman changed his method of financial transactions. He began cashing out his work checks, leaving a minimum amount in his account and operating via cash.
U.S. Attorneys filed charges of felony tax evasion. But his defense attorney argued that Bowman wasn’t evading anything because he was conducting business in the open, banking under his own name and receiving payment for his labor under his own name, and all those transactions were disclosed to the IRS.
A judge agreed and dismissed the felony tax evasion charge. Charges are still pending on four counts of "willful failure to file" (misdemeanors), trumpeting that the act of filing is more important to the government than the money.
"I'm not a tax protester. I love my country. I have a duty to my country," Bowman said, indicating that even though he is attempting to opt out of the prescribed system, he remains a victim of his years of programming.
"I have a duty to my conscience,'' the 53-year-old said, raising his hand and striking his chest, where the front of his shirt spelled out a definition of "conscience." Currently his Christian conscience is winning out over his programming.
And finally, for those who continue to parrot the "fair share" cliché as well as the misnomer that the federal government needs your income taxes as government revenue; you do not understand monetary realism nor the history of government finance. For a true education on monetary realism, you should order our Merrill Jenkins Sr. survival package based on the works of the great monetary genius.
Why do we play this April game every year if it’s not about paying income taxes? What are we doing when we write checks "payable" to the IRS?
What we are actually doing is conforming to the regulation process by reducing the numbers in our "bank account." We are limiting our consumption. This process reduces our bidding against government for what we produced. If we were permitted to spend all of the "money" that we get, prices would go to the moon, the system would collapse as the worthless "money" became useless "money" and the fraud of modern money would be revealed as J.M. Keynes warned.
An unlimited volume of Fed-created money would destroy the system. This has happened in other countries before. This seems to be what is happening in the United States.
So to slow the collapse, every means possible must be found to restrict the supply of spendable money in the hands of the people.

We wish Mr. Bowman the best in his quest to "beat" the system. And as an added bonus, if he succeeds, the anti-abortion movement will grow exponentially.

Yours for the truth,
Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™

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